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Some of the most powerful civilizations on earth owe their long reigns to the triumph of their fierce warriors. The Warrior Series of 1 oz silver and copper rounds honor some of these legendary fighters throughout history.

The second release in this exciting 6-design series celebrates the Aztec Warrior, one of the most honored members in Aztec society. His bravery in battle, tactical skill, and most of all, his capture of enemy warriors were highly rewarded by the Emperor. With each rank came special clothing, weapons, nobility, and gifts of land. As Aztec Warriors didn’t ride horses, they walked an average of 12-20 miles per day to reach enemy forces and were a terrifying foe on the battlefield.
The obverse of the 1 oz Copper Aztec Warrior round features a fully-armed Aztec soldier on the front lines of the battlefield. His helmet and uniform are adorned with the plumage of a high-ranking warrior. With shield and spear raised, he is ready to capture his next enemy. The word “AZTEC” is inscribed next to the warrior’s image.

The common reverse among all six releases pays tribute to the Spartan Warrior, the first release in the series. It depicts a Spartan soldier’s corinthian helmet with the horsehair crest; symbolic of an officer. It rests in front of the traditional Spartan weapons of warfare: The signature Dory spear, the Xiphos (a short sword), and a battle axe. “1 ounce .999 fine Ag” and “WARRIORS” are inscribed around the image.

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