Resurrect The Net (RTN) Torrent Tracker Invitation

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RTN is a small general tracker with regular torrents getting uploaded. You can find a lot of mainstream releases from popular encoders like d3g, evo, KOGI, NTb etc. You will find movies, TV shows, e-learning, music content here.
They have a good seedbonus system implemented. For every hour the system registers you as seeder you will receive 1 point
You will receive 20 points for each new torrent you upload. You will receive 10 points for each comment you make on a torrent.
You will receive 10 points for each post you make in the forum.
You will receive 1 point for each shout you make in the shoutbox.
They have several user ranks :
Leecher - Not a rank you want to be in, if your ratio drops to 0.5 you will automatically be demoted to this rank, you will not be able to do anything on site other than seed, till your ratio is back in order.
Member - The default class for the site, all new members will start in this class.
Power User - has uploaded 25GB and has a ratio above 1.05

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