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Bit-HDTV is private tracker for tv shows and movies and new content actively uploaded on regular basis. You can find high quality encodes and remux by Bit-HDTV internal group BluHD, MarGe, KRaLiMaRKo, OmertaHD, PriMeHD, HighCode, WiNNy, BitHD.

This tracker is very easy to maintain, if you're in trouble so you can always download internals because they're freeleech that's how you get bonus points and upload. TV packs torrents are Free | 2x up | Free (2x up) and movies pick by staff are also free.

You can find all your tv shows here in HD 1080 so if you're looking for TV tracker you can start with this. Registration is invite only but now they have recruitment so you can try your luck click on Recruitment mentioned above.

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