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Item description

ABNormal.ws (ABN) is a french private general tracker , been more needed nowadays after the closage of T411 & some other french trackers closed their doors as well.
Tracker got good interface/style with good content & speeds , good alternative for xthor (in general french category)
Movies and series in 1080p, Bluray or UHD are Freeleech
Maintain ratio is easy as :
- Bonus Points (Choco's) system is implemented , where you can buy invites / extra upload GBs to get good standings there.
They reached their max. users limit , but invites is working normally but not a direct invite like other trackers.. You'll get an email for ABN invite from your inviter , but use invitation via interview & your referral will be contacted by the staff.
Active community around with active requests section also , New requests are being fulfilled as soon as possible.

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