70 Seeds Cyclea barbata – Suong Sam Long Grass Jelly

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70 Seeds Cyclea barbata - Suong Sam Long Grass Jelly Vine Seeds Yanang Jelly Plant Seeds Tropical Herb Green Vine Jelly Green Grass Jelly Plant Seeds Tiliacora Triandra
Current Facts Green Grass Jelly leaves are botanically known as Cyclea barbata Miers. The plant is usually found in the wild and is used to make an agar-like jelly called 'Cincau Hijau' in Indonesia. The leaves are crushed in water and are left to set. They are cut into cubes before they are eaten with a sweet syrup..
Green Grass Jelly leaves are used to make jelly..
They are first washed, then stripped off the main stem of the leaf. They are immersed in a tub of water and are then crushed, usually by hand, to allow the active compounds of the leaves to be released. Alternatively, they are blended and then sieved. The tub is placed in the refrigerator, there the liquid cools and sets. The resulting jelly is cut into bite-sized pieces and used in iced drinks. In Bali, these drinks usually comprise of coconut milk and brown sugar..
In the garden, this plant is best grown in a sunny and well-draining location.
It should be well-watered and is relatively pest- and disease-free
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