4 Litres Extra Virgin Olive Oil (wildcrafted)

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We love to share with you the chance to experience one of the best olive oils in the world. This is why our olive oil consider the most special you can find in the world! We sell it for 28 euros per 250ml (112 euros per litre). We offer you a 4 litre pot with just $250! with free shipping worldwide!

One of the central pillars of our ideology as Cyprus Hobbit, is the highest quality of raw material, which we believe is found only in the wild (far from any presence of the human factor).
During our daily searches in the wild nature of Cyprus, we found many olive trees from 100 years old and older (with trunk diameters of 2 meters and more), on steep slopes and beside rivers. Growing only by rainwater, they have never been treated with pesticides or are close to agricultural properties that are usually affected by those!
We then set as a goal to produce a unique virgin olive oil only from the fruits of these trees! We carefully and selectively handpicked one by one, each olive, without stems. Immediately after the harvest, during which no part of the plant is destroyed (eg pruning for easy harvesting), these precious olives go straight to the mill!

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