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I will buy your BTC for PP funds!
* BTC to PP!
* Satisfaction guaranteed!
* Delivered in less than 24hrs.!

How does it work?
1. You purchase this listing for 88% of the amount you want to exchange.
(i.e. you have & pay $15 in BTC, you'll get $13 USD from my PP balance).

2. Once purchased, I'll send you $13 via PP to your own PP account, as family and friends, to the email address you instruct.
Please be absolutely certain your info is correct, as any mistakes is deemed neglect by buyer & will still need to complete order.

3. Once received, buyer must immediately release escrow funds to seller.

- Clean funds only. The escrow will be not before 24 hours of receipt.
- No refunds. Any scam suspicion will be immediately reported to Bitify and the escrow will be forfeited.
- Buyer must have a solid positive feedback history of at least 5 sales review or more.
- Buyer must immediately release escrow funds within the same day of PP balance being received!

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