The Deadly Deception

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The Proof that HIV/ AIDS Doesn't exist. The HIV is Totally Fraudulent. People Have been lied for over Fifty years. In the United States, more people die each year overdosing on sleeping pills than die from AIDS. Each day healthy individuals continue to be diagnosed "positive" by a totally inaccurate mv Test. They are then treated for an imaginary, non-existent disease with AZT (Zivovudine) - the drug that was shelved because it was too toxic to treat cancer! AZT actually causes Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome and thereby fulfills the prophecy of death by "AIDS." Backed by scientific and factual proof you learn the truth: What really causes AIDS. how it can be avoided and even cured. How the mv test can be positive because of having a simple "Flu" vaccination. the measles or many other common infections! Why AIDS is not an epidemic but a total myth based on false projections and disproved by time and the statistics. Why the homosexual community erroneously became identified as AIDS carriers. Why AIDS is a syndrome and not a transmittable disease. Why 25 to 30 diseases were, for the first time in recorded history, lumped together under a new name in an attempt to give the appearance of an epidemic!

When you read the book, Everything will become clear, why the people have been lied and controlled for many years. This book can be found on Amazon in Hardcover. it is time to reveal the truth. You are Welcome!

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