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01) AWS CDK in Practice (Mark Avdi, Leo Lam) 2023
102) Hands-On Augmented Reality Development with Meta Spark Studio (Jaleh Afshar) 2023
103) Hands-on Guide to Apache Spark 3 (Alfonso Antolínez García) 2023
104) Breaking Ransomware. Explore ways to find and exploit flaws in a ransomware attack (Jitender Narula, Atul Narula) 2023
105) The Next.js Handbook. A Complete Resource for Developers (By Brandon Kim) 2023
106) Web Development with Django (Ben Shaw, Saurabh Badhwar, Chris Guest, Bharath Chandra K S) 2023
107) Google Cloud for Developers (Hector Parra Martinez) 2023
108) Writing API Tests with Karate (Benjamin Bischoff) 2023
109) Developing Robust Date and Time Oriented Applications in Oracle Cloud (Michal Kvet) 2023
110) Jetpack Compose 1.3 Essentials (Neil Smyth) 2023
111) Quick Start Kubernetes (Nigel Poulton) 2023
112) Python Clean Code Best Practices and Techniques for Writing Clear, Concise, and Maintainable Code (Nash Maverick) 2023
113) Oracle PLSQL by Example (Benjamin Rosenzweig, Elena Rakhimov) 2023
114) MYSQL CRASH COURSE A Hands-on Introduction to Database Development (Rick Silva) 2023
115) Blockchain Tethered AI, Trackable, Traceable Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (Karen Kilroy, Lynn Riley, Deepak Bhatta) 2023
116) Learning Ray Flexible Distributed Python for Machine Learning (Max Pumperla, Edward Oakes, Richard Liaw) 2023
117) GitOps Cookbook Kubernetes Automation in Practice (Natale Vinto, Alex Soto Bueno) 2023
118) Streaming Data Mesh. A Model for Optimizing Real-Time Data Services (Hubert Dulay, Stephen Mooney) 2023
119) Cloud Computing with AWS. Everything You Need to Know to be an AWS Cloud Practitioner (Pravin Mishra) 2023
120) Introduction to Software Testing. A Practical Guide to Testing, Design, Automation, and Execution (Panagiotis Leloudas) 2023
121) Learning JavaScript Design Patterns. A JavaScript and React Developer’s Guide (Addy Osmani) 2023
122) PHP Cookbook. Modern Code Solutions for Professional PHP Developers (Eric A. Mann) 2023
123) Resilient Oracle PLSQL. Building Resilient Database Solutions for Continuous Operation (Stephen B. Morris) 2023
124) A Functional Approach to Java. Augmenting Object-Oriented Code with Functional Principles (Ben Weidig) 2023
125) Introduction to Algorithms & Data Structures 1 (Bolakale Aremu) 2023
126) Designing and Developing Innovative Mobile Applications (Debabrata Samanta) 2023
127) Drupal 10 Module Development (Daniel Sipos) 2023
128) Dart Apprentice Fundamentals (Jonathan Sande) 2023
129) Docker Up & Running Shipping Reliable Containers in Production (Sean P. Kane, Karl Matthias) 2023
130) Quick Functional Programming (David Matuszek) 2023
131) Web Design make your website a success! (Sean McManus) 2023
132) How to Test a Time Machine. A practical guide to test architecture and automation (Noemí Ferrera) 2023
133) React Programming The Big Nerd Ranch Guide (Loren Klingman, Ashley Parker) 2023
134) Kubernetes Patterns. Reusable Elements for Designing Cloud Native Applications (Bilgin Ibryam, Roland Huß) 2023
135) Zed Attack Proxy Cookbook. Hacking tactics, techniques, and procedures for testing web applications and APIs (Ryan Soper, Nestor N Torres, Ahmed Almoailu) 2023
136) Accelerated Linux Core Dump Analysis Training Course Transcript with GDB and WinDbg Practice (Dmitry Vostokov ) 2023
137) Useful Python (Stuart Langridge) 2023
138) Ethical Hacking Series 1 (Joe Grant) 2020
139) Cloud FinOps. Collaborative, Real-Time. Cloud Value Decision Making (J.R. Storment, Mike Fuller) 2023
140) Logic and Language Models for Computer Science (Dana Richards, Henry Hamburger) 2023
141) Quantum Mechanics and Bayesian Machines (George Chapline) 2023
142) Parallel Algorithms (M. H. Alsuwaiyel) 2022
143) Docker Deep Dive. Zero to Docker in a single book! (Nigel Poulton) 2023
144) Hands-On Kubernetes, Service Mesh and Zero-Trust (Swapnil Dubey, Mandar J. Kulkarni) 2023
145) Building Modern GUIs with tkinter and Python (Saurabh Chandrakar, Dr. Nilesh Bhaskarrao Bahadure) 2023
146) Mastering Cloud-Native Microservices (Chetan Walia) 2023
147) Developing on AWS with C# (Noah Gift & James Charlesworth) 2023
148) Managing Machine Learning Projects. From design to deployment (Simon Thompson) 2023
149) Shipping Go. Develop, deliver, discuss, design, and go again (Joel Holmes) 2023
150) C++ Networking 101. Unlocking Sockets, Protocols, VPNs, and Asynchronous IO with 75+ sample programs (Anais Sutherland) 2023
151) Security in Computing (Charles P. Pfleeger, Shari Lawrence Pfleeger, Lizzie Coles-Kemp) 2023
152) The Garbage Collection Handbook. The Art of Automatic Memory Management (Richard Jones, Antony Hosking, Eliot Moss) 2023
153) Statistics with Rust. 50+ Statistical Techniques Put into Action (Keiko Nakamura) 2023
154) SQL and NoSQL Databases. Modeling, Languages, Security and Architectures for Big Data Management (Michael Kaufmann, Andreas Meier) 2023
155) Driving Data Quality with Data Contracts. A comprehensive guide to building reliable, trusted, and effective data platforms (Andrew Jones) 2023
156) Unity 2022 Mobile Game Development. Build and publish engaging games for Android and iOS (John P. Doran) 2023
157) Delphi High Performance. Master the art of concurrency, parallel programming, and memory management to build fast Delphi apps (Primož Gabrijelčič) 2023
158) Metaprogramming in C#. Automate your .NET development and simplify overcomplicated code (Einar Ingebrigtsen) 2023
159) Python GUI Programming with PAGE (Gregory Walters) 2023
160) Git Repository Management in 30 Days (Sumit Jaiswal) 2023
161) Take Control of Your Passwords (Joe Kissell) 2023
162) Beginning iPhone. Development with SwiftUI. Exploring the iOS SDK (Wallace Wang) 2023
163) Pro Cryptography and Cryptanalysis with C++23. Creating and Programming Advanced Algorithms (Marius Iulian Mihailescu, Stefania Loredana Nita) 2023
164) Pearls of Algorithm Engineering (Paolo Ferragina) 2023
165) Tiny CSS Projects (Martine Dowden, Michael Gearon) 2023
166) Ultimate Typescript Handbook. Build, scale and maintain Modern Web Applications with TypeScript (Dan Wellman ) 2023
167) Learning JavaScript Design Patterns. A JavaScript and React Developer’s Guide (Addy Osmani) 2023
168) React 18 Design Patterns and Best Practices (Carlos Santana Roldán) 2023
169) Pro Jakarta EE 10. Open Source Enterprise Java-based. Cloud-native Applications Development (Peter Späth) 2023
170) A Complete Guide to DevOps with AWS. Deploy, Build, and Scale Services with AWS Tools and Techniques (Osama Mustafa) 2023
171) End-to-End Observability with Grafana (Ajay Reddy Yeruva, Vivek Basavegowda Ramu) 2023
172) Hands-On Design Patterns with C++. Solve common C++ problems with modern design patterns and build robust applications (Fedor G. Pikus) 2023
173) Flask Framework Cookbook. Enhance your Flask skills with advanced techniques and build dynamic, responsive web applications (Shalabh Aggarwal) 2023
174) Getting Started With Java Using Eclipse. Mastering the Language and the Development Platform (Bernhard Steppan) 2023
175) Mastering MEAN Stack. Build full stack applications using MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js (Pinakin Ashok Chaubal) 2023
176) Golang for Jobseekers. Unleash the power of Go programming for career advancement (Hairizuan Bin Noorazman) 2023
177) SQL and NoSQL Interview Questions. Your essential guide to acing SQL and NoSQL job interviews (Vishwanathan Narayanan) 2023
178) MongoDB for Jobseekers. Reach new heights in your career with MongoDB (Justin Jenkins) 2023
179) A Complete Guide to Docker for Operations and Development (Engy Fouda) 2022
180) A Smarter Way to Learn Python (Mark Myers) 2017
181) A Tour of C++ (Bjarne Stroustrup) 2014
182) A Complete Guide to Burp Suite. Learn to Detect Application Vulnerabilities (Sagar Rahalkar) 2021
183) A Complete Solution Guide to Principles of Mathematical Analysis (Kit-Wing Yu) 2018
184) A Philosophy of Software Design (John Ousterhout) 2019
185) A Practical Guide to Azure DevOps. Learn by doing (Milindanath Hewage) 2019
186) A Programmer’s Introduction to Mathematics (Jeremy Kun) 2020
187) A Programmer's Guide to Computer Science (William M. Springer II, PhD) 2019
188) Interactive Data Visualization with Python. Present your data as an effective and compelling story (Abha Belorkar, Sharath Chandra Guntuku, Shubhangi Hora, Anshu Kumar) 2020
189) Absolute C++ 6th edition (Walter Savitch) 2016
190) Active Directory Administration Cookbook (Sander Berkouwer) 2022
191) Hyperspectral Image Analysis. Advances in Machine Learning and Signal Processing (Saurabh Prasad, Jocelyn Chanussot) 2020
192) Powershell for sysadmins. Workflow Automation Made Easy (Adam Bertram) 2020
193) JavaScript Cookbook (Adam D. Scott) 2021
194) Network Programming with GO. Code Secure and Reliable. Network Services from Scratch (Adam Woodbeck) 2021
195) Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures (Marcello La Rocca) 2021
196) Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms. Learn how to enhance data processing with more complex and advanced data structures (Abirami A, Priya R L) 2023
197) Web Technologies Servlet, JSP, PERL, ASP .NET , XML & AJAX (Ajit Singh, Praveen Kumar) 2023
198) Advanced API Security OAuth 2.0 and Beyond (Prabath Siriwardena) 2020
199) Advanced C++ Programming CookBook (Dr. Rian Quinn) 2020
200) The Road to React. The React.js in JavaScript Book (Robin Wieruch) 2023

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