Real US Mobile CellPhone Number To Text Message Phones

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Item description

⭐ what is this?
this is for a real usa verizon mobile phone number that accepts or receive national and international text and sms messages.

⭐ what is it for?
these numbers are onetime access numbers only used for verifying your accounts and can only by used to verify one account per number.

⭐ how does it work?
we get in live chat such as skype, telegram, whatsapp, etc. you send the confirmation sms text message to this mobile number and i will instantly send you the confirmation / verification code that comes in. you can then proceed with verifying your account and have a bullet proof phone verified account that is verified with a real number.

⭐ why buy this? (reason 1)
a free internet number (aka fake usa number) such as google voice, textnow, or pinger when compared to a real mobile number from a major service provider like verizon wireless will always lose in comparison. take the ebay paypal scenario for example, both ebay and paypal are aware when you register accounts on there website using (wi-fi numbers, voip numbers, internet numbers) and any professional ebay stealth seller will tell you these type of account are much weaker, have a shorter lifespan and are considered a cheap account. where as with a real usa number ebay and paypal can both see this is a real number and these accounts are less harassed experience, less problematic, are considered stronger and have a much longer lifespan. so if we were able discover these results from majors companies such as ebay, paypal and we can speculate that many more majors companies carry a similar verification system.

⭐ why buy this? (reason 2)
in sync with the reason above, now many sites have such strong methods of verification you can't even add a fake wifi number for verification. some major companies that require real numbers at registration are craigslist, telegram, whatsapp, etc. since these are not only real numbers but one of the biggest brands in service providers these numbers work flawlessly with such companies.

⭐ numbers can be used to verify anything
paypal, ebay,, google, shopify, carts, adobe, wirex, windows, outlook, live, msn, aol, ask, azimo, black knight, boku, inc., ca technologies, center of financial technologies, cogitalgroup, cuvva, d+h, deal sourcing, deloitte, diebold nixdorf, ensygnia, fexco, fico, finastra, first data, fis (company), fiserv, fleetcor, g2a, genpact, greensill, capital, greensky, hyosung, id finance, itautec, jirnexu, juristech, kodenshi auk group, landlordinvest, longitude llc, maxmyinterest, mitek systems, moody's analytics, murex (financial software), ncr corporation, auctivia, leapfrog, hp, toshiba, lenovo, xaomi, lg, htc, samsung, verizon, at&t, tmobile, mobiles, texts, message, t-mobile, att, at and t, at & t, nerdwallet, ntrust, nucleus software exports, oki electric industry, overbond, payability, paypal, personetics technologies, plaid, qiwi, qontis, radius bank, riovic, rsrchxchange, safecharge international, s&p global, sas institute, satoshi citadel industries, silicon markets, verizon, numbers, phone, phone number, phone call, calls, cell-phone, cellphone, phone, cell, cellphones, phone call, calls, phonecall, phones, live, smartkarma, solarisbank, stash, sungard, symbiont, taulia, tonetag, topsteptrader, trackinsight, tsys, united income, voleo, wincor nixdorf, yodlee,

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