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"The Language of Lust"
Lawrence Lanof's system
Videos, Audios, and PDFs

Based on more than 5 years of research and personal testing

Designed to make women sexually obsessed with you.

It serves as a survival guide for regular men to live, get laid, and get a girlfriend.
The system is a collection of techniques to activate a woman's lust on command by just saying a few words.

It addresses the female sexual psychology and the secret erotic language of the feminine mind:

- What women really want from men, but do not tell them
- Why women say one thing, but mean another
- Why nice guys get rejected while douchebags easily get laid

The Language of Lust system is also intended to get a woman to:

- Fantasize about you
- Establish a mutual connection
- Realize you are a 'real man' among other men
- Open up to the erotic pleasure she dreams her body is capable of with you

Some of the areas covered include:

- How to tickle a woman's Emotional G Spot

- Lust Mirror Technique: How to create a feedback loop of lust

- How to eliminate the slut barrier and get a "good girl" to be bad

- New Casual Sex: Why women want "no string attached eroticism"

- Kink Exposure Method: How to discover a woman’s hidden fantasies

- How to maintain a woman’s attention and increase her desire and lust for you

- 4 Minute Eye Gaze: Creating an immediate feeling of closeness, and even love

- How to access a woman's sexual reward system to get a woman addicted to you

- How to use texts, Skype, or phone to create fantasies in a woman’s mind for you

- Pavlov's Panty Drencher technique: Conditioning a woman to become turned on by you

- Just Coffee Mind Lay: Making a woman feel like you had sex with her without touching

- Understanding ‘Pleasure Resistance’ and what to say and do when she is not in the mood

- Oral Intensifier: A phrase to make a woman feel like you are doing her a favor to go down on you

- Using masculine sensuality to activate her feminine need to be pleasured like her dream man


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