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Jhanilka & Anthony Hartzog – Cleaning Business University 2022

Everything You Need To Build A 6-Figure Cleaning Business For A Low Cost Start Up…
Learn the C.L.E.A.N Method and grow your business anywhere in the world!
What If We Can Show You A Proven Process Of How You Can…

​Start A Cleaning Business Without Doing Any Of The Cleaning
​Grow and Scale Your Business to over $500K revenue
Generate thousands of bookings without cleaning a single home​
Achieve 6 figures revenue every year
​Partner with independent contractors
Create passive income while living the life you’ve always wanted
From working on different side hustles to building a cleaning business to pay off our $114k..
It all started in January of 2017, Jhanilka’s new year’s resolution was to decrease debt and travel more, all in one year.
Anthony became obsessed with pursuing Financial Freedom. He started reading books, listening to podcasts, and watching documentaries all day everyday. That pretty much placed us on the path to Financial Freedom.
In November of 2017, we started our cleaning company Maids 2 Match Cleaning company in Dallas, TX.
We’ve gone from working on different side hustles to building our cleaning business that has paid off more than $114k of our debt.
The best part is we don’t actually clean homes. We have a great team of contractors that we assign jobs too.
It’s absolutely true! We don’t clean homes, we don’t have employees, we don’t own cleaning equipment. But, generate 6 figures from our very own cleaning business.
I know your next question…How??
Would you believe us that you can start your very own hands off cleaning service for less than $1k.
We will teach you:

​How to properly set up your hands off cleaning business
​Strategies to market your business
​How to stand out from the competition
​How to find ideal clients
The Cleaning University Curriculum
A program that helps you start your residential cleaning business from scratch
Clarity On Ownership
Gain clarity on your why and learning what ownership looks like as a business owner
Legalizing Your Business
Walking you through the framework to legalizing your business
Establishing Your Brand
Defining a clear identity for your cleaning business online presence by building your website and social proof
Acquiring Contractors
Learn how to find and manage your contractors, determining who will be a good fit for your business, and early warning signs.
Nurturing Relationships & Acquiring Customers
Clearly identifying your ideal clients and ways to retain them. Create plans and strategies to promote your business in various ways using marketing methods.
Here’s What You’ll Get:

Contractor Agreement (Value: $900)
Job Ads For Hiring Contractor Swipe Files (Value: $1,500)
Our Signature Interview Set Up (Value: $1,000)
​Commercial Contract Template (Value: $1,500)
​Competitors Research Worksheet (Value: $800)
​Signature Market Research Strategy (Value: $1,000)
​Access To Previously Recorded Group Coaching Session (Value: $1,100)

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