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Item description

Facebook - ANY COUNTRY Real Person with friends

1.Logging will be through Cookies all the Facebook it's verified before and 100% guaranteed to work

2.Buy only if you know how to log in with cookies, or it's very simple, install an extension in chrome or mozilla and import cookies, that's all. Wow you are logged in to Facebook :)

3.Facebook is from a real person and has great activity, you can post in the marketplace anything you want.
Remember, if you want to post many ads like 20-50 listings please follow the steps below :
a. After logging in, leave an account for 24 hours during these 24 hours, go once every 3-6 hours, click somewhere 1-2 times, play games, scroll through the feed.
b. Create FP leave for another 24 hours
c. Make a post in FP and put on warm-up (optional)

This facebook is not created by me , is hacked from real person !

Enjoy Purchase!

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