Exp VPN (Nov 13, 2022 to Nov 13, 2023)


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Limited sale of 5 items :
* I used to buy a VPN from another store for 5usd, but they sell it to a lot of people who use it after buying it, the connection speed is unstable and very slow and sometimes it takes a lot of time to connect VPN server
* When this product is sold out of 5 items: ask each buyer to use only 1 device. If using another device, please log out of the old device so as not to affect other buyers.
* If the buyer shares the information they are entering or resells to many other people, I will reset and provide the information to 5 customers who have purchased from me.
* I sell this item not for profit, ,I sell it because to save cost when I use it, this product I bought for 99 usd,

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