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Item description

TheKickStation, also known as TKS bot, is one of the most successful bots currently on the market. TKS supports every shopify site you will need and even has a custom shopify site option.

If you want to give TKS a run without buying it, you can rent TKS from us here or from our marketplace.

This means that if you ever want to bot a shopify site which isn’t supported, you can add it into the bot yourself, this is perfect for when a low key shopify site releases something.

You will have a massive advantage as you will be able to bot the site while everyone else will be going manual. TKS also supports Supreme, US footsites, UK footsites, DTLR, CityGear, Footdistrict, JimmyJazz, Kickz, Mr.Porter, Ssense, WellGosh, Naked CPH, YME and more.

The bots UI (user interface) is arguably the most ugly looking out of all the bots right now, but the massive amount of success their users have makes up for this.

The bot has a built in restock / surprise drop monitor which gives you the option to start a task for any restocks or surprise drops very quickly. The bot also has unique features like checkout banks which can be utilized to bypass the shopify queue. This feature is one of the reasons their users destroy YeezySupply.

The Kick Station is a good choice for both USA and UK users as it is very successful in both regions, unlike most bots that just focus on one country. From personal experience,

TKS works very well on Footlocker EU and US, YeezySupply, Offspring, Funko, Hibbett Sports and Supreme. It makes it a great Sneaker Bot and AIO bot overall.Like most bots, TKS supports proxy and server use, this is nothing special but it is crucial for success.

If you aren’t familiar with Proxies and Servers then see the section below named “For those not familiar with proxies and servers” this should help you understand better.

TKS supports loads of sites and works well on basically all of them. Including every single Shopify site.

It especially cooks Footlocker EU and US, Offspring, Funko, Hibbett Sports and Supreme. These sites release a lot of items that resell.

It also offers regular updates, active devs and good support through their discord.

There is a very good monitor in the bot which allows you to catch any restocks or surprise drops and create quick tasks.

TheKickStation is definitely one of the few bots that still works consistently on Supreme.

Fairly small user base compared to other bots, meaning quicker and better 1 on 1 support and most likely why they offer proxy and server support. That’s a big deal.

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