The Welsh 1 oz Copper Round | World of Dragons Series

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Item description

The second release in this exciting 6-design series celebrates the Welsh dragon, one of the most powerful creatures in Welsh folklore. Y Ddraig Goch, or the “red dragon”, appeared on British soldiers’ ancient war flags as early as 300 AD. At Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, it served as one of the Queen’s Beasts to signify Her Majesty’s direct descent from the Welsh House of Tudor. And it remains a symbol of the fierce spirit of Wales on the national flag to this day.

Stories of the red dragon are abundant in Celtic lore. In Arthurian legend, the Y Draig Goch (symbolizing Wales) famously vanquishes a white dragon (symbolizing Britain) in a fierce, centuries-long battle. The red dragon has been celebrated as a symbol of the Welsh people’s relentless spirit ever since.

Second of six unique designs in the Dragons of the World series.
Contains 1 AVDP oz of .999 fine copper.

The obverse of the 1 oz Copper Welsh Dragon round features the fearsome red dragon in triumphant mid-roar after vanquishing the white dragon of legend. Fierce version of the Welsh flag symbol. Before retreating back to its lair. The inscriptions “The Welsh” also appears on the obverse.

The reverse depicts the powerful reptilian eye of the dragon. Its piercing gaze is surrounded by the inscriptions “World of Dragons” along with the metal content, weight, and purity.

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