1 oz Copper Indian Series #5 Chief Bullion Round

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Item description

The Medallion Chief 1oz copper bullion round reminds collectors of an exciting time in American history as the new country formed and began exploring its boundaries. It also celebrates the noble Native Americans who aided explorers and settlers alike with their generosity in offering food, shelter and knowledge of the area. Collecting coins is a well-known hobby because it provides a lot of fun and chance to learn the history of coin minting. In addition, coin collections can become quite profitable as an investment. This Chief Medallion copper round will be a great addition to an existing collection or the beginning of a new collection.

As the United States of America formed its government and began exploring the land that would later become the lower 48 states, they needed to find a way to fit the Native American tribes into their country. When explorers like Lewis and Clark traveled to new places, they carried Chief Medallions with them. When meeting a new tribe, they would offer the chief of the tribe a medallion. These medallions typically featured the head of the current American president on it. Most chiefs would accept and wear the medallion as a sign of friendship with the new United State's government. In exchange for the gift, the Native American tribes would offer friendship and provisions to the explorers.

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