Antidetect 7.3 + Configs

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Antidetect 7.x is a tool for creating browsers with different configurations. A configuration, or a config, is a collection of javascript files copied by a special method from real browsers. Each new browser will look like a browser from the config, and have unique Canvas prints, WebGL, fonts.
The browser created through Antidetect is the usual Firefox Portable that you can use as you wish: transfer it to any place, to any PC, share with colleagues. To launch the created browser, you do not even need Antidetect! Each browser will store in itself all history, cookies, tabs, etc.
We have a site where you can buy configs from any browser.
For example, you can take the config from IOS and all sites will think that you are working from the phone.
Antidetect helps you change:
- Most famous fingerprints (canvas, webgl, fonts, audio);
- Browser geolocation (not IP addresses), just enter required coordinates;
- WebRTC IP, you can enter any IP that sites will see through WebRTC;
- Browser language;
- Browser headers;
- JavaScript objects: screen. *, navigator. *, plugins. *, mimeTypes. * and other functions and parameters;
- Flash player: language, screen dimensions, OS name, flash fonts.
The program is suitable for beginners, everything is done as simply as possible.

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