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sick and tired of continuously If you are looking for an learning curve… online business WITHOUT a steep If you are looking for an online business that needs upfront to start, NO website, NO email list and ZERO money NO tech skills…

If you have no experience with self-publishing but really want to give it a try in a fun new way and success… MAXIMIZE your chances of big. If you are someone who already has self-published books in fiction and now wants to try something a little different…and much less taxing on the mind!… If you are fascinated by the idea of literally “earning while you sleep” and want to find out if it really is possible!… If you are any of the above…or someone I didn’t mention but really wants to give this a try…..THEN THIS IS FOR YOU! THIS IS A CREATE ONCE AND EARN FOREVER SYSTEM THAT WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO CREATE A BOOK IN JUST A FEW HOURS AND THEN REPEAT THE PROCESS TO GRADUALLY BUILD YOUR SU DOKU BOOK EMPIRE. SIMPLE YET VERY, VERY POWERFUL!

Sudoku Book Creation Empire Popular
1 ) There is FREE software available that will create HUNDREDS (even THOUSANDS) of unique Sudoku puzzles -How many high profit books could you make from a couple thousand puzzles? TEN? TWENTY?

2) The software can be set to produce EASY puzzles, HARD puzzles or a mix and the answers are included for making your solution index at the back of your books for a super professional presentation even if you are a newbie!
3) There is a FREE online publisher that will create, list, print, and distribute your puzzle books. There is ZERO cost to you! All you have to do is enjoy the profits! The publisher will do everything possible to help you because they only succeed when YOU succeed!
4) This online publisher has a FREE “book cover creation tool” so creating attractive book covers is simpler than ever and FREE.
5) Puzzle books are (by definition) CONSUMABLE! Once the puzzles are done, They’re done! The book owner can’t resell or loan the book out because the puzzles are COMPLETED! If others want to do the same book, they must REPURCHASE A NEW COPY!…Your copy!

Sudoku Book Creation Empire Benefit
Sudoku is an evergreen niche, meaning that it stays level in popularity year in and year out. It is now world known and is up there with the likes of Wordsearch, Crossword Puzzles, Brain Teasers, Logic Problem Puzzles and more.
Has a rabid consumer base.
The books in this course are easy to create and will cost you next to nothing.
There are many variations of Sudoku puzzles so you can create a number of different books to keep buyers happy. Having different style Sudoku books also helps your brand name / pen-name stand out because you offer variety; consumers love variety.
These books will be a good source of passive income.
The books are considered consumable which means fans will just keep buying.
Sudoku Book Creation Empire Inside
I will reveal the free online tools that will create lots of Sudoku puzzles in a very short time. This will help you to create more books efficiently.
How to create books in a very popular evergreen niche where very little writing is needed, (l am talking about a few introduction paragraphs…and that’s it!).
How to create a physical print Sudoku book in a matter of hours.
How to create a digital version of the book in a matter of minutes!
How to build your own mini Sudoku book empire by creating a series of books that will generate a nice re-sidual income.
How to create great looking book covers for free…no skill needed.
The best way to organize your book’s folders and files to help increase efficiency and speed up book creation.
How to use free tools to improve the look of your Sudoku images.
How to use the included ready formatted templates to literally copy and paste a book together in minutes!
Step by step instructions on how to publish your book with the print and digital online platforms.
Sudoku Book Creation Empire Feature
4 Fully formatted, ready to use book templates. Just copy and paste into them.
30 Page step by step Createspace tutorial b book publishing expert Bart Hennin.
1 Press release example.
1 Press release template.
6 Short specially created YouTube videos to help you along with the course.
Sudoku Book Creation Empire Bonus
20 page Marketing Power PDF that delves into a number of the best marketing techniques used by self-publisher......

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