340 bitcoins .DAT file

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Item description

BITCOIN .DAT file containing 340 BITCOINS

check 2nd pic---- how it looks when synced to bitcoin core software
( if you cant see any pic above sorry its bitify fault
please check my telegram channel for pic and info
my telegram channel @bitcoin_wallet_dat_nash )

.DAT file recovered from old hard drive ( passcode not known )

information / hints about wallet -
origin of wallet - i know the location where wallet was created
name of owner - i know name of the owner & childrens name
password might contain owners childrens name and numbers

with this information you can try to brute force the wallet
i will tell you what softwares you can use to brute force

DONT WORRY ... file was recoverd from hard drive many years ago
if you can unlock the wallet... YOU CAN SAFELY get the bitcoins

one of my buyer was able to unlock a 2 btc wallet in 40 days
you could have a chance too with this 340 file

- send amount using escrow
- i send the file and all the information
- check the file and confirm its real
- release escrow

message me if you want this 340 btc .dat file
before someone else takes it


i have a collection of 1085 wallets ( containing 310,000 bitcoins )

check out my telegram @bitcoin_wallet_dat_nash

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