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What if you and your team had the skills to write copy that would consistently crush conversions … even from cold traffic?

Now, imagine how quickly you could scale your business, and your client’s businesses, if every ad, every sales page, every message was compliant with Facebook, Google, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and any other online media platform you choose to advertise with … the first time it is submitted for review.

That’s what is possible when you have a team of High-Income Copywriters™.

Every business wants more customers, correct? Customers are the lifeblood of a business. But it is getting harder and harder to attract and convert new customers online.

Not only from rising ad costs, increased competition, and the decline in organic social media reach …

But also because … copywriting has changed.

The traditional copywriting methods which have been used for decades worked great for print ads and sales pages in the early years of online marketing.

Long copy, bold claims, crazy promises … and in no uncertain terms … telling the reader what to do and what they will achieve.

This is the Old Copywriting Model most copywriters still use today. Take a quick look around on the internet; you will find it almost everywhere.

But here is the problem.

The Social Media and Search Engine giants that control the advertising space online don’t like the Old Copywriting Model.

They restrict what you can say, how you say it and the claims and promises you can make. Failure to abide by their rules can result in your account being suspended or worse, shut down.

Copywriters and business owners who persist in following the Old Copywriting Model are fighting a losing battle.

In short … The Old Copywriting Model is dead if you want to successfully market your products or services online and quickly scale your business.

To be successful, your team must develop the skills of the New Copywriting Model, which can only be learned in the High-Income Copywriter™ Certification Program.

You see human psychology and the way people make a buying decision hasn’t changed, but the way the copy is consumed has changed.

As a High-Ticket Copywriter™, you will have the skill to write copy that engages, persuades and converts cold traffic on social media into a customer without dealing with the knock-backs from the advertising platforms because your copy isn’t compliant.

This is a very valuable skill to have and is in high demand from a seemingly endless number of businesses on the internet.

Imagine the possibilities for your business if your entire team were Certified High-Ticket Copywriter

Call me by telegram: @AnubisxxR

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