What is Bitify?

Bitify is the world’s largest Bitcoin and Litecoin Marketplace and Auction site. We offer a platform for users to exchange items for Bitcoin in a P2P marketplace. Our bitcoin escrow service allows users to transact securely. We started as CryptoThrift back in September 2013 and have grown and overcome a lot of challenges along the way.

We offer a built in escrow service like no other in the Bitcoin eco-system. Our 30 days buyer protection and money back feature allows buyers to buy with bitcoin securely knowing they will receive what they paid for or their money back. Our escrow service is the most trusted Bitcoin escrow service in the world. We have processed over $15m USD so far with over 150,000 items sold through our escrow service. We have hosted large funds raising events such as the Original Art Work of cryptograffiti signed by Dorian Nakamoto and the Satoshi Labs Direct Relief #OneSafePregnancy campaign .

Bitify PTY LTD is an Australian registered company. We are based in Australia, but offer a worldwide service with majority of our customers in the United States, European Union and South East Asia.

The support of our users, both buyers and sellers, has been awesome over the years and we’d like to thank you for that!

Get to know Bitify

This might sound obvious, but Bitify is a Bitcoin and Litecoin marketplace. We do not accept any other forms of payments such as bank transfers and credit cards. Yes, we are different from your average marketplace, but isn’t that what our users like the most about us?

Bitify would never ask for your password in private messages or emails. Please be careful when clicking any links asking you to verify your login details. We would never ask for that. Double check any URL sent to you before clicking on it and make sure it’s not a phishing attempt trying to acquire your details. Enable Google 2FA on your account for extra security and use a unique password which is your responsibility to keep protected.

Here’s the fun part, pretty much why you joined us in the first place!

  • Bitify is a registered Australian business and we have been around since September 2013, it only feels like yesterday, but we’ve been enjoying every bit of it. We have over 165,000 users on the site and have done over 160,000 trades so far, thanks to our awesome user base and the trust they place in us.
  • We offer a built-in escrow service, we do not use a third party and our escrow/payment process has been developed from the ground up and is always maintained to add extra features and make it more secure as we grow and expand.
  • Our escrow service provides up to 30 days buyer protection and allows our users to trade in a secure manner where they know they are protected in the event something goes wrong with the purchase.
  • Escrow gets released automatically after 30 days from the time you commit to purchase an item. Make sure if you have an issue with a purchase that you request a refund before the 30 days are up as we cannot issue a refund after the 30 days have passed and the funds have left our wallet.
  • Escrow refunds take at least 72 hours to be processed by Bitify unless the seller agrees to refund the buyer. If the seller disputes the refund request it might take longer than 72 hours to decide the outcome. Please be patient and check our Escrow Service page for more information on how escrow works on Bitify.
  • Sellers are expected to reply to refund requests within 72 hours. If no reply is received after 72 hours the buyer will get refunded automatically and the request will be marked as resolved.
  • We might consider releasing escrow to some sellers after 2 week of the purchase date, but the buyers you will still be protected for the full 30 days in the event of a dispute.
  • We cannot refund escrow for funds which have already been released to the seller. We might contact the seller on the buyer’s behalf to ask for the funds to be returned, but we offer no guarantees once the funds have left our escrow.
  • Sellers should always consider sending digital items by uploading them to the site or via private messages (where possible) as this could be used as a proof of shipping.
  • Sellers need to be verified to sell digital gift cards or Bitcoin to Fiat services. Unverified sellers will have their listings suspended and account placed on hold if they try to list those items in the wrong category.
  • Sellers cannot force buyers to release escrow or threaten a bad review if escrow is not released. Action could be taken against the seller in such events.
  • Sellers are not allowed to ask buyers to pay outside of Bitify. This is against our terms and conditions and could result in the account being suspended.
  • Listing, selling, or buying illegal items could result in your account getting suspended.

We are always open to suggestions for new features and ways we can improve the site – this is after all a service for the Bitcoin community! So please feel free to get in touch with us, either via the Contact Us page or through our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Want to know more? Please check our FAQ’s page or shoot us an email with your questions and inquiries.