What is bitify?
bitify is an Australian registered Bitcoin and Litecoin marketplace and auction site. We are currently the number one bitcoin only marketplace and auction site in the world. We offer a safe a secure platform for sellers to list their items for sale FREE of charge and for buyers to bid and buy those items while taking advantage of our 30 days buyer protection and in-house automated escrow service.
What coins are supported?
Currently we support Bitcoin BTC and Litecoin LTC.
What items can be sold on bitify?
You can sell any goods and services which are deemed legal to trade. All drugs, child pornography, copy right material and weapons of any kind are not permitted to be sold on our website, check out our Terms and Conditions page for more info.
How does the escrow system work?

The escrow service provided on bitify.com is an in-house service, we don’t use any third party to process any funds or arbitrate escrow disputes, cutting the middle man and saving our users money. Our escrow service offers a 30 days buyer protection and provides the peace of mind much needed when dealing with digital currency. Below are the step by step process of how escrow works:

  • All sellers are obliged to provide the escrow option.
  • When a buyer commits to buying an item, they are redirected to a payment page where they can select the cryptocurrency they would like to use as a payment method and next to the currency drop down menu they have a tick box which they can select to use escrow.
  • $0.50 on items under $10, $1 on items between $10-$20, and then calculated at 2.5% (min $1.50) on items over $20.
  • Once buyers receive their item, they can go on the Won Items page where they can click on Release Escrow and the funds get released to the seller’s account automatically.
  • If a buyer doesn’t receive their item, they can click on Request Refund and explain the reason for the refund and any evidence (if applicable). The seller will then receive an email with the details of the refund request and will be given 72 hours to contact the buyer or dispute the refund request. Failing to respond within the 72 hours will lead to a decision being made solely on the evidence that our support team has access to, which may result in the refund being made to the buyer.
  • If a buyer doesn’t release the escrow after the reception of the funds, the seller may contact them and give them 72 hours to release funds or respond. If no response is received the seller can contact bitify support and request an escrow release. The support team will contact the buyer and ask them to release the funds within 48 hours or open a dispute case. In the funds are not released within 48 hours and no response is received, the support team may release the funds to the seller. Release funds happen’s at the support personnel’s discretion and CrytpoThrift may reject the release of the funds if they deem it unsafe to do so.
  • If the buyer doesn’t release escrow or open a dispute case and the seller doesn’t request an escrow release, funds get released to the seller automatically 30 days from the date of the payment.
How do I get verified?

Account verification is simple. After logging in to your account, go to your Profile Page and click on Account Verification. You will need to upload a photo/scan of two types of documents, as per the list below, and submit them to us.

Proof of Name and D.O.B:

  • Passport
  • Driving Licence
  • Government Issued Identity Card

Proof of Address (issued within the last three months):

  • Utility Bill e.g. Electricity, Gas, Water, Landline phone bill
  • Bank Statement
  • House/Health/Motor insurance policy document
  • Government stamped tax assessment notice
  • Council rates notice/ council tax bill

If your account verification is successful, your public user profile and all of your listings will show our new Verified icon

Should I trust verified sellers?

Although we encourage our sellers to get verified and our buyers to buy from verified accounts, we still highly recommend you use escrow at all times.

Verified accounts only mean that we were able to verify the identity of the seller, we are not responsible for the actions of the seller or the quality sold items.

Should there be anything wrong with the purchase, escrow can protect your funds. We will not issue any refunds in the case escrow was not used even if the seller’s account was verified.

How is the Bitcoin Price Calculated?
We use BitcoinAverage to get the prices for Bitcoin as a fair average price for both buyers and sellers regardless of the exchange they use.
How is the Litecoin Price Calculated?
We use BTC-e‘s 24h average price to calculate the price for Litecoin.
Do I have to register to participate in any activity on bitify?
Yes, any buying, selling, or posting on bitify requires the user to be registered.
Why do I need to supply my Bitcoin or Litecoin addresses before I can listing?
bitify does not provide hosted wallets for its users. As soon as a sale is made and funds are released from escrow, they leave bitify’s possession and are sent to the address provided by the buyer. If the address is deemed wrong or if the seller deletes the address after they list an item, we will contact them to advise them to update their address on file. We will attempt to send the payment once a day for the duration of 30 days, if they fail to update the address within that time span, we will refund the coins to the buyer.
Offering to Buy or Sell outside of bitify

It is against bitify’s Terms & Conditions to contact another user through our site and services and offer to finalize the deal outside of bitify.

If you receive an offer to buy or sell outside bitify, please report it.

Make sure you follow these guidelines. If you don’t, you may be subject to a range of actions, including suspension of your account.

How long does escrow refund take?
Escrow refunds can range from 48 hours to 30 days. If an item is cancelled or a seller’s account get suspended, the funds are usually refunded within 48 hours to the buyer. If the escrow refund is disputed by the seller, then we are required to gather evidence from both parties before reaching a decision. Please do not contact support before 72 hours have passed on your refund request as you may not receive a reply.
Buyer is not releasing escrow, I need my escrow released.

If you believe the buyer has received the item and you need bitify to release your escrow, please submit an escrow release request. Escrow release requests must meet the following conditions:

  1. Sale must be older than 4 business days
  2. Provide proof that you’ve shipped the item (tracking number/URL)
  3. Item is physical item
  4. If your item is digital, we would only be able to release escrow two weeks after the purchase date.

bitify will only release escrow as they see fit. We may reject the escrow release request if we believe that the item or the seller may be high risk.

My escrow was released to the seller although I did not release escrow?
bitify may release escrow to the seller if they deem the transaction, the item, and the seller low risk. When bitify releases escrow we still cover the buyer for the duration of 30 days and would issue a full refund if a refund request is logged and we ruled in the buyer’s favor.
I am unable to post items without offering escrow, why?
Escrow is now forced for all sellers. It’s up to the buyers to use it or not. We might be looking into changing this at a later stage, but at the moment all items MUST provide the option for an escrow.
Do I have to use your escrow service when I buy an item on bitify.com?
No, Escrow is optional for buyers. Buyers are not obliged to use escrow when buying an item, but it is highly recommended to do so for the safety and security of the purchase.
How do I know my coins are safe with you?
All coins are paid into bitify’s wallets, fees are automatically deducted and coins sent straight to the seller. In case of an escrow, coins are transferred straight to our offline wallets where they will be transferred to a cold wallet until the reception of the item is confirmed by the buyer.
I have received an email asking me to confirm my password, what is this?
bitify will NEVER ask you to confirm your password. We do not need your password for any purposes. bitify will ONLY send emails from @bitify.com email addresses. Any emails received claiming to be from bitify and asking for your password is an attempt to gain access to your profile. Be very careful with phishing attempts and fake emails and report such activities to the support team ASAP so the correct actions can be taken to protect your account. Please enable Google 2fa to add another layer of security to your account.
How much are your Fees and Charges?

Posting and listing on bitify is completely FREE! Charges occur on sold items only.

Seller Fees: Seller pay 4.5% (or 2.5% if they are a Super Seller) flat rate or transaction fee (whichever is higher) on sold items across the site, regardless of the price or the category the item is listed under. Sellers also pay for the network fee used to send them the payment. This is based on the average fee needed to have your transactions confirm within 5 blocks.

Featured Item Fee: If the seller selects to feature the listing when posting a new item, they will be charged an additional fixed at $0.50 on items under $10, $1 on items between $10-$20, and then calculated at 2.5% (min $1.50) on items over $20. If the listing does not sell, the seller is not expected to pay anything.

Buyer Fees:Buying on bitify is free, we only charge 2.5% fee or $0.50 on items under $10, $1 on items between $10-$20 to the buyer if escrow was selected upon checkout. The site keeps escrow fee even in the event that a refund was processed. Buyers will NOT be charged the escrow fee if the sale gets cancelled by the seller. Instead, only the max network fee (0.0001 BTC or 0.005 LTC) will be charged when processing the refund. Escrow secures your payment and provides the buyers protection on their funds.
How does the fees system work?
Fees are calculated and deducted from the final price of any sold items, payment are sent to bitify’s offline wallets where fees get deducted before sending the remainder amount to the seller.
How much do you charge for Escrow, and where does the fee come out from?
We offer one of the cheapest escrow service on the market, 2.5% fee or $0.50 on items under $10, $1 on items between $10-$20 (whichever is higher) across the site. When escrow is selected by the buyer at the checkout, the fee will be added to the final amount before submitting the payment.
How to request an escrow refund? Am I eligible?

To be eligible for a refund, you need to first have used escrow upon checkout. Items bought without escrow are the buyer’s responsibility to chase. If you’ve used escrow and never received your item, received the wrong item or your item was damaged, you can open an “Escrow Refund” ticket with our support team who will be happy to assist you with that. When an “Escrow Refund” ticket is logged, we expect the buyer to include all available evidence to support their request.

bitify will only look into refund requests if the refund is being made due to it being the seller’s fault. We will not refund the buyer because they’ve changed their mind after receiving the product, because they’ve accidentally bought the wrong product, or because they found the product cheaper somewhere else.

If your refund request falls under one of the 3 reasons mentioned above, please contact the seller to cancel the sale and you will be able to refund your coins back to your wallet. Sellers are not obliged to cancel the sale and that’s completely up to their discretion.

Can I use a 3rd party escrow?
Using a third party escrow is NOT against bitify’s terms and conditions, but we highly recommend you do your research before deciding to do so as some escrow services were found to be running a global operation ponzi scheme. We are not liable for any losses in such unfortunate circumstances.
How can I withdraw funds from bitify.com?
We do not hold any funds for neither the seller or the buyer on our site, all Escrow funds are held on a separate server and they get automatically sent to the seller when the buyer clicks on “Release Escrow” from the “Won Items” page. Buyers funds can be refunded manually either when a seller cancels a sale or if the buyer have requested an escrow refund.
How much time do I have to pay for an item I won and what happens if I don’t pay?
When an auction or a fixed price item is won, you are expected to pay for the item in full within 48 hours, in the case that you are unable to pay for the item for whatever reason, it’s your responsibility to notify the seller or bitify, failing to do so will result in action being taken and your account could get suspended
I sent my items and the buyer didn’t release escrow funds. Now what?

In the event that the buyer can no longer be contacted and you (the seller) believe that the item has been delivered, you can submit a release escrow ticket to us and include the proof of shipment (tracking number/URL).

Escrow release are subject to manual processing and can be released/declined by bitify’s staff. In the event that your escrow release has been declined, the funds will be released 30 days after the purchase date.

Note: If the item is digital, we would only be able to release escrow two weeks after the purchase date.

How can I delete an item I posted?
You can delete items you’ve posted from your account page under the “Active Listings” menu. If you want to delete a specific purchase of an item, you can “cancel” a sale, which will leave the remainder quantity of your item live, but will only delete that single sale. You can only do so if the item is still awaiting payment, or if it’s been paid for and the funds are still in escrow.
What can I do if the buyer never pays for an item?
If you do not receive an email notifying you that a payment was received for your sold item within 48 hours of the sale, feel free to report your item and make sure you leave the appropriate feedback to the buyer. No further action needs to be taken after that. Items will automatically be void and any funds received later than 48 hours from the buyer will be returned back to them.
I’ve sent extra coins or funds, what can I do?
When a buyer sends extra funds, any remaining amounts stay in bitify’s wallet. The amount owed to the seller will be sent and the extras are kept for the buyers to recover. Please contact us with the amount sent, the address and the extra amount.
Do you support digital downloads? And how does it work?

Yes, bitify does support digital downloads. Digital downloads offer a convenient and quick way to send digital files upon reception of a payment. You can upload your digital files in step 2 of “Post New Item“, when an item is paid for, the digital file appears next to the item details in the “Won Item” page in the buyer’s menu.

Supported Files:

  • .zip
  • .rar
  • .7zip
  • .pdf
  • .doc
  • .docx
  • .xls
  • .xlsx
  • .ppt
  • .pptx
  • .csv
  • ..psd
  • .epub
  • .mobi
Why did my item get Suspended?

As specified in our Terms and Conditions, we reserve the right to suspend, delete or place an item under review without giving the seller any notice. Items which fall under the above criteria are found to be violating the terms of use of bitify and are either/or:

  • Drugs (legal or illegal) and their accessories
  • Child pornography
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Abusive/offensive material
  • Others
“X” drugs are legal in my country, why did they get suspended?
As our terms and conditions clearly specifies, all drugs (legal or illegal) are not allowed to be listed or sold on bitify. Drugs which are legal in some countries are illegal in others, drugs which might be OK to use/sell in some countries have death sentence consequences in others. Due to the wide range of drugs and the rules and regulations which governs them, it’s nearly impossible for us to track down and pinpoint which drugs can/cannot be listed on bitify. Thus, all drugs are banned from bitify.com if you’re found to be listing drugs on bitify, we will suspend your listing and a warning email will be sent to you. If another drug related listing shows under your account you will be banned from listing on bitify.com.