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Comment: Fast seller, account good !!
Comment: Legit guy will be back for more
UPHold USAbig*******02-Feb-2021
Comment: Very professional, very smooth deal, I'm very happy. Will come back for more!
Comment: GOOD!!
Localbitcoins T1 with reviewsGoo*******15-Feb-2021
Comment: scammer shiit scammer
Paxful with reviewsGoo*******15-Feb-2021
Comment: fraud and scam
Monese without 30 days of waiting UKMit*******14-Jan-2021
Comment: He's a scammer and rude, he will insult're at your own risk if you buy from him. Be very careful
Localbitcoins T1joh*******24-Dec-2020
Comment: trust +++++
Localbitcoins T1joh*******23-Dec-2020
Comment: good man It is very pleasant to deal with you
N26 Full verificationIan*******26-Dec-2020
Comment: overall good
Two Monese accountsSar*******10-Nov-2020
Comment: Scammer, be careful!
Localbitcoins T2din*******02-Nov-2020
Comment: great! tnx
N26 Full verificationkoe*******28-Oct-2020
Comment: great! nice man!
Wirex full verificationkoe*******28-Oct-2020
Comment: very nice man, thanks!
Localbitcoins T2adr*******26-Oct-2020
Comment: great