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Comment: good ,
Comment: Seller went above & beyond to make me happy and delivered as promised. I'll be back.
PayPal PerDon*******12-Apr-2018
Comment: excellent, very sociable and reliable Vendor !
Get 10,000elu*******16-May-2018
Comment: issued refund
Comment: Am speechless. This seller is super professional....You made my day..Please be my friend
Comment: Thank you for being so accommodating. Will trade again!
Comment: I did buy this item but did misunderstood what it can be used for. He refunded right away. Top seller...
Private lidas*******11-Jun-2018
Comment: Revised
Get 5000 idas*******13-Apr-2018
Comment: Seller is working on fulfilling my order, which is good. I appreciate it. Will upgrade feedback if it completed.
paypal witsag*******31-Mar-2018
Comment: quick renpon :D
Get $250 psig*******07-Apr-2018
Comment: He had a problem with funds for 3 days. I asked for a refund and it was delivered in 2 days. I only lost time and escrow money.
Full Veriflet*******19-Mar-2018
Comment: Fast and reliable!
PayPal AccSus*******14-Mar-2018
Comment: At first had problem but PPmaster had to fix it. Hope he stays honest and doesnt mess with account. 5*
Comment: Amazing seller. Will buy again. very quick to respond and targets the crowd you want. Just ask him first.
Gold codersli*******10-Dec-2017
Comment: great buyer