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Private baDis*******07-Nov-2018
Comment: Be careful with this guy. Deal with him at the escrow only or better yet avoid him completely. He convinced me to order outside escrow for a better rate, i.e for paypal balance, and he sent me money with stolen credit cards and I got charge-back after 2 days. I lost over $380 in the process. So stay away or be careful this guy is a scammer.
paypal cremar*******24-Aug-2018
Comment: Good communications & Honest seller
Full Verifmar*******24-Aug-2018
Comment: Good communications & Honest seller
Full Verifjac*******05-Aug-2018
Comment: the best around. seriously, a must use.
paypal crejac*******05-Aug-2018
Comment: absolute best service!
Full VerifSt0*******03-Aug-2018
Comment: good seller a++
Full VerifArc*******31-Jul-2018
Comment: Delivered! More than Agreed!
Get 25000jac*******15-Aug-2018
Comment: The master!
Paypal WitDlo*******08-Aug-2018
Comment: Revised
Full VerifFre*******11-Aug-2018
Comment: Revised
paypal wituni*******31-May-2018
Comment: best service around
Paypal accSus*******16-May-2018
Comment: always on the top best seller
PayPal Perv_4*******12-May-2018
Comment: Great!
PayPal PerBRA*******15-May-2018
Comment: x
private paAlp*******03-Jun-2018
Comment: Thanks bro. Keep in touch.