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Free Dominos Pizza - Piping Hot - (60 Points) USMat*******21-Aug-2022
Comment: Horrible Scammer! Did not deliver or respond to any messages. Refunded by support. Total waste. DO NOT BUY
Make Google Gmail YouTube Accounts Without Phone AccessOne*******30-Aug-2022
Comment: Scammer delivered a 4-year outdated guide. Has ignored DOZENS of messages. Has multiple open scam reports against him. ALL of his positive reviews are him buying from himself using alt accounts.
How To Get Unlimited VCC's and Phone Numbers [INSTANT]One*******13-Aug-2022
Comment: Scammer. Conned me into releasing escrow early, then ghosted me. Ignored several messages demanding immediate delivery. Do not buy from Technokidd1 because he doesn't have what he's selling.
64 Accounts Netflix Showtime Xfinity UFC Roku GeneratorOne*******14-Aug-2022
Comment: Scammer. The "replacement" link was the first search result. Technokidd1 promised me a 2nd link for a better review, and never delivered.
2x Dominos Pizzas 120 Points Eat NowSyn*******03-Aug-2022
Comment: Took a long time to explain he was out
2x Dominos Pizzas 120 Points Eat NowTwo*******27-Aug-2022
Comment: Excellent
Customized Student Emails - Custom Name School EDU Mailsta*******20-May-2022
Comment: No response to several messages, and no delivery of purchased item.
Bypass for when eBay PayPal Support Ask For Receiptsmac*******06-May-2022
Comment: All good thank you!
2x Dominos Pizzas 120 Points Eat Nowkin*******10-Jun-2022
Comment: Great Communication
2x Dominos Pizzas 120 Points Eat Noweca*******18-Mar-2022
Comment: Have not gotten the item I paid for to my email and has been well over 48 hours!
$110 PayPal Transfer Service 110% Bitcoin Conversionskos*******08-Jan-2022
Comment: no response for 15 days Accounts Verified HQ PVA + Email Access5KI*******30-Oct-2021
Comment: 100 THE BEST
Google Cloud Platform $200 Coupon Code Credit Voucherbit*******25-Oct-2021
Comment: good
2x Dominos Pizzas 120 Points Eat Nowthe*******08-Oct-2021
Comment: Not even a single response from the seller. Don't make the same mistake as me and ignore the negative feedback, seller has it for a reason. HORRIBLE seller.
2x Dominos Pizzas 120 Points Eat Nowyou*******29-Sep-2021