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Fandango TTyl*******19-May-2019
Comment: Lost $2 because of fees but I did get refunded!
Amc TheatrWya*******18-Jun-2019
Comment: Great transaction. Worked perfectly!
Total WineDil*******21-May-2019
Comment: My local Total Wine would not accept the codes, but the seller fully reimbursed me in the form of an alternate gift card. Thanks for working with me!
$100 Amc Tcjw*******19-May-2019
Comment: Great to do business with, stand behind product. I would definately do business with him again
$100 Amc Trak*******25-May-2019
Comment: Great
Panda ExpriBi*******21-Jun-2019
Comment: Great seller. Thank you
1K Crackerj04*******15-May-2019
Comment: I ordered; I paid; Seller canceled. Refused to complete transaction. I am now out all kinds of fees.
Panda Exprclo*******02-Jun-2019
Comment: Received items I was able to get food. Note: panda no longer accepts gift cards without pin.
custom lisxxr*******22-May-2019
Comment: Always Great! thxs man
Total Winejoe*******16-May-2019
Comment: Many locations do not accept any electronic gift cards without a pin. Manager would not manually override the system. Received 80% of my money back. Good customer service for the most part
Total Winegol*******30-Apr-2019
Comment: Worked great thank you!
Comment: Ive enjoyed my massage thanks!!
Amc Theatrcob*******28-Apr-2019
Comment: Very helpful!
$100 Amc TCor*******22-May-2019
Comment: So sorry for the late feedback. Absolute top rate seller will definitely purchase from again
World of BDar*******24-Apr-2019
Comment: good card got balance as mentioned.