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10 Accounts sms verifiedran*******20-Feb-2020
Comment: The passwords on the accounts got changed after I released escrow ... wtf!
10 Accounts sms verifiedlun*******26-Feb-2020
Comment: This piece of shit changed the passwords after I released escrow. DO NOT BUY FROM HIM!!!
Reloadable VCC For Facebook | Amazon | Deezer | Mail Guhas*******13-Feb-2020
Comment: never buy from him he will give you cheap card issued from Faysal Bank Pakistan which cost you 300PKR and get your Facebook blocked easily.
Buy Mobile Number Verified Telegram Account in 6$hei*******14-Feb-2020
Comment: helpful
(Buy vcc in 4$) Reloadable, VCC For Amazon Web ServicesNTA*******27-Jan-2020
Comment: x