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Item TitleFrom UserAcquired onRating
250$ BladeHQ Gift CardBro*******22-Jan-2021
Comment: the Best!
250$ Saje Gift Cardgli*******21-Jan-2021
Comment: SCAMMER! Do not buy from this poor excuse of a seller. Wastes your time and escrow. They pretend they are sorry and when you won’t change your feedback and lie saying they are a good seller they screw you on the next purchase.
500$ GolfNow Gift CardCry*******22-Jan-2021
Comment: Purchased $500 GolfNow. Waited for 72 hours for seller to fill order at seller's request. . Seller finally canceled order after 3 days and refunded money. I lost $4-$5 on miners fees. Seller replaced with different card to cover losses
200$ Skechers Gift CardCut*******21-Jan-2021
Comment: Good communication and trusted seller. Will deal with him later again. Thank you.
300$ Wine Gift Cardmas*******16-Jan-2021
Comment: Great seller. Fast service.
250$ NatureBox Gift CardTT*******19-Jan-2021
Comment: Seller refunded.
400$ Babeland Gift CardJui*******12-Jan-2021
Comment: ...
300$ Babeland Gift CardTT*******19-Jan-2021
Comment: Thank you
250$ NatureBox Gift CardTT*******31-Dec-2020
Comment: Thank you
225$ Skechers Gift CardTT*******07-Jan-2021
Comment: Thank you
250$ LaPoliceGear Gift CardTT*******07-Jan-2021
Comment: Thank you
500$ BladeHQ Gift CardCry*******31-Dec-2020
Comment: purchased $500 bladehq. seller does not even have it. states he should have within 2-4 days. now he states he doesnt want to deal with me and cancels order
500$ JHilburn Gift Cardfiv*******01-Jan-2021
Comment: Great seller, communicates fast
300$ Wine Gift CardDro*******08-Jan-2021
Comment: Awesome seller and product always works!! will buy again
400$ Babeland Gift CardJui*******12-Jan-2021
Comment: ...