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2 Billion Email List For MarketingGCB*******20-Jan-2020
Comment: A+
2 Billion Email List For Marketingmro*******11-Nov-2019
Comment: The emails are contained in hundreds of files, some zipped, with tons of email marketing information. Great for Newbie's. Veteran email marketers like myself will find the videos and information good, however it will not wow you. It took me an entire day to organize the material. I managed to upload one million emails today from the first set of files to my server and by the time I was writing this review, 60000 had been sent. My email software confirmed a 3% open rate, 1% click rate, and the bound rate was fairly low. It is impossible to give a comprehensive review of the entire package as it will take me many months to send out all these emails, however for whats its worth, I can only say it cost me $10 and an entire day, so I am generally happy and satisfied. So far so good.
8,000,000 Plr Articles, 5500 Mrr Ebooks, And Bonusesvoc*******27-Sep-2019
Comment: The amount of information provided is overwhelming. Thank you so much.