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ThriftBooks Gift Card $100Pho*******10-Feb-2020
Comment: Yes woeked well
ThriftBooks Gift Card $100joh*******29-Jan-2020
Comment: Could be quicker on delivery but product worked very good
Starbucks Barcode + Pin (Value : $300)AZX*******18-Jan-2020
Comment: Waited 5-6 days for sellers to send, cards never sent. Seller try to scam. Wasted time and money, do not buy from this guy
Private for reqozareq*******09-Jan-2020
Comment: Legit
Starbucks Barcode + Pin (Value : $200)Che*******26-Jan-2020
Comment: :( Had to argue with Starbucks to keep my account open. Cards less than 24 hours.