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1x Chime|Chime Acc|Verified Chime Bank |Chime VCC chimeeri*******02-Dec-2021
Comment: Great
Paypal | Paypal Tutorial | Paypal Guide | Paypal PaypalHan*******01-Dec-2021
Comment: the paypal tutorial Great! thank! trusted seller
2x Chime|Chime Accs|Verified Chime Bank|Chime VCC chimeand*******24-Nov-2021
Comment: perfect!!
1x Chime|Chime Acc|Verified Chime Bank |Chime VCC chimeXry*******18-Nov-2021
Comment: Solid. ++
Paypal |Paypal |Paypal USA |Verified-PayPal |Money LionHug*******17-Nov-2021
Comment: excellent seller!!!!!! A++++
Skrill,USA skrill,Verified Skrill,skrill with Bank, USAken*******09-Nov-2021
Comment: best
US Bank |Moneylion Account |US Moneylion Bank |Bank USjua*******04-Nov-2021
Comment: all fine , all great
Paypal Paypal Paypal USA |Verified-PayPal |Bank+Cookiessur*******03-Nov-2021
Comment: Thank you!
1x Chime|Chime Acc|Verified Chime Bank |Chime VCC chimetom*******31-Oct-2021
Comment: The seller was responsive and delivered the product as promised. I will always buy more products from him.
Moneylion |Chime |Bank |2 Matching bank s| Bank |Chimecun*******07-Nov-2021
Comment: Good communication, fast delivery. Thanks
Skrill,USA skrill,Verified Skrill,skrill with Bank, USACLU*******21-Oct-2021
Comment: Great
listing as discussedsak*******28-Sep-2021
1 Moneylion | Moneylion Bank | Moneylion VCC | VERIFIEDsak*******28-Sep-2021
Comment: very truthful and professional seller
US Bank | Moneylion Account | US bank | Self-made| Bankeba*******28-Sep-2021
Comment: Not good experience I have previously purchased from him but don't no what is he trying to achieve
4. Chime | Chime Accs | Verified Chime Bank | Chime VCCMeg*******01-Oct-2021
Comment: Very terrible experience with this seller. Please don't buy. He's not a serious seller. I paid for an item since 17th of September, this seller stopped all form of communication with me after I had paid. He comes online everyday but doesn't respond to my messages on telegram and on bitify.. I'm lucky I used admin as escrow, I had to request for a refund after 14 days of payment without as much as a blank response from the seller. Such a terrible experience. I wouldn't advise anyone to patronize him. If you will proceed, better use admin as escrow.