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~ Paxful ~chi*******15-Jan-2021
Comment: honest seller
~ Paxful ~dev*******13-Jan-2021
Comment: Great
~ Bankera ~tov*******17-Jan-2021
Comment: Profesional
~ BUNQ ~tov*******12-Jan-2021
Comment: The fastest and most professional trader
~ Binance ~TRI*******05-Jan-2021
Comment: Excellent guy
~ Revolut business ~Use*******31-Dec-2020
Comment: Perfect. thx
~ Localbitcoins ~aln*******28-Dec-2020
Comment: nice!
~ Paxful ~001*******03-Jan-2021
Comment: good
~ Paxful ~ign*******25-Dec-2020
Comment: Very good quality and fast
~ N26 Business ~juk*******04-Jan-2021
Comment: He's honest, and that is the key to success.
~ Paxful ~ojo*******21-Dec-2020
Comment: great guy
~ Revolut business ~lee*******21-Dec-2020
Comment: As described
~ Localbitcoins ~001*******23-Dec-2020
Comment: Fast
~ Binance ~rei*******26-Dec-2020
Comment: very good seller
~ Revolut business ~cam*******22-Dec-2020
Comment: Great as always+++++++++