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Unlimited VCC Account PanelLom*******19-Jul-2022
Comment: Nepalist scammer, he robes normal people, i gathered all his IPs and different username, stil working on real world DDOS, he scammed multiple people sending dead old accounts and running away also DMing you to "make sure you pay right now" then he will treaten you on telegram, he is proper low life from the trenches and should be banned from the internet, community and put in on AF for scams
Verified Pocketsmoo*******11-Jul-2022
Comment: Scammer from Nepal targeting people, then sending username and password to banned ages ago stripe, he will also try to make you pay him on telegram, BAN THIS USER, reported already in few places
Stripe Verified Account With Unlimited VCC Access.coo*******31-Oct-2021
Comment: all good thanks