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BUNQ and LITEBIT – full verificationpil*******24-Oct-2021
Comment: Asshole, I used escrow, he asked several times for more money, delivered no accounts
PAYSERA and PAXFUL (same name)Mar*******25-Aug-2021
Comment: Gave me half the order, then requested release escrow and instead in giving me the rest of the order he asked for extra money. Be careful
Comment: Do not do business with this seller. Changes Login information couple of days after escrow.
PAYSERA and PAXFUL (same name)Max*******11-Jul-2021
Comment: Perfect Scammar! He Took $40 From me as direct payment and ran away. I bought payser and he keep login in another app then stole my money. This is most top scammar in bitify. deal with extra caution.
SKRILL – full verificationlig*******24-Jun-2021
Comment: WIll create a BACKDOOR access to any account being sold so as to RECOVER the account after recieving payment. DO NOT DEAL with him.