After the unfortunate circumstances which resulted in the announcement of Bitmit closure, we’ve been experiencing a much higher demand, traffic, new users registrations and a big amount of ads being posted continuously..

We’d like to thanks all of you, buyers, sellers, viewers and sponsors for putting your faith in us and trusting us with your listings. We’d like to thank those who have been on our side from day one and gave us the momentum and adrenaline we needed to keep going, sent us their feedback and recommendations, and pointed us in the right direction when we were doing it wrong. We’d also like to thank all the new users for giving our site and services a try, for the trust you’re putting in us and the project, Thanks you!

We also like to say thanks to, the best place to find all the latest news about crypto. They’ve been of a great support from day one.

There are few point which we’d like to shed some light on to reduce confusion and let you enjoy a better user experience on the site.

  1. is a no fee listing site, no sale no fees.
  2. We’re running a promotional offer on all sold items before the end of 2013. Only a transaction fee of 0.001 BTC or 0.1 LTC is being charged across the site.
  3. We charge 1% escrow fees to buyers when escrow is used.
  4. We support digital downloads. In step 2 of posting an item you can upload your digital downloads for an instant delivery upon reception of the coins. Please let the viewers know when your listing is digital so they can dowload it.
  5. We do not store your coins. Although all payments have to go through us for our confirmation system to do its job, funds are released the moment the payment clears. In case of Escrow, we store funds in a cold wallet, a cron job sends any coins to our cold wallet every 1 minute. When an item is marked as received, funds get released to the sellers automatically.
  6. Buyers, please make sure you mark items as “Received” when you’re satisfied with the reception of the item to avoid any delays in releasing funds to sellers.
  7. Buyers and sellers can exchange details through our private messaging system.
  8. We have few ad spots now available, please contact us if you have a project which you need to get out there
  9. Follow us on twitter, Facebook and Google+ to know when items get posted instantly!

Again, thank you all for your support, please keep your criticism and feedback coming, the journey has just started and we’re only going to get better.

Team Bitify