Although we’ve never stopped enhancing the site and adding new features, but we believe we did fall short on major improvements and features that we promised we will be delivering. We thought we’ll give our users the heads up as to what we’re working on and what you will expect to see in the Q2 and Q3 2014.

Some of the features below are already in development, some are still going through brainstorming stage, while others are still on the “yes, we need to look into this soon” shelve. We will be hiring more developers to help us push all these features live by the end of Q3 2014. The features are sorted from easiest/most important to complex/least important.

So here we go:

  1. Register the business: Already in the work and nearly finished. We will soon be operating as a legally registered business on Australian land with an Australian Business Number (ABN) and a company name.
  2. Number of Feedbacks: Add number positive/negative feedback in the item page and seller profile page.
  3. More detailed sold and bought items: We will be adding a detailed page for all the sold and bought items in the user profile so both sellers and buyers can have as much info as posibile regarding the purchase.
  4. More Search Filters: Add advanced search filters and “sort by” options.
  5. Search Enhancement: We will be working on enhancing our seach engine to provide you a better and more related/sorted search results.
  6. Report Listings: Report listings will automatically flag a listings as reported, 5 reports and the listing will get suspended awaiting moderator review.
  7. Default Images: Add an option for seller to select the featured image for their listing.
  8. Listing Time: Change the time for posting an item to a drop down menu with (3 days – 5 days – 7 days – 10 days – 30 days).
  9. Featured Items: Add a featured items option and a new home page tab as the default landing tab for “featured items”.
  10. Feedback and Reviews: Change reviews given by buyers to sellers to be available after a payment has been made and not upon purchase.
  11. Verification: Add a user verification feature via ID and social networks. Seller with fully “Gold” (social networks and identity verification) accounts will be able to sell without offering escrow. Sellers with Partially Verified “Silver” (Social networks or Identity verification) will be able to sell items and ALWAYS offer escrow, but buyers will have the choice to select whether or not they would like to use escrow. Sellers who are not verified will always have to offer escrow and buyers will ALWAYS have to use escrow when buying from those sellers. Unverified sellers will have no choice but to wait the full 30 days before their funds can be released from escrow.
  12. Payments for Buy Now: Buyers who buy a “Buy Now” item HAVE to pay before the item is set to closed. So the item is only marked as purchased AFTER the a paymment is being received.
  13. 2FA: Introduce two factor authentication.
  14. Email system revamp: On top of speeding up the site by making the emails system run on another server, we will be adding a per user emails preferences. An email page will be added to users’ accounts so users will be able to disable email notifications one at a time.
  15. Post items in crypto: Add the option for sellers to be able to post items for crypto not only USD.
  16. Memberships: Sellers will be able to purchase memberships for a fixed price for a duratiuon of (1-3-6 and 12 months). Unlimited sale can be made for the duration of the membership with 0% fee.
  17. Shipping Custom Fields: Add custom fields to the shipping options so selers will be able to select a location and set the price for shipping next to each location as well as options for insurance and express delivery.
  18. Coupons: Coupons will be added and given away to be used to reduce sales fee for sellers and/or escrow fee for buyers .
  19. Referal: A referal program will be launched rewarding users with site credit.
  20. Mobile Devices: An iPhone and Android app will be developed as well as a better looking site for tablets.
  21. Translation: Give the community a chance to help us translate the site to more languages.

And more minor enhancements…

Have more features on mind? Drop us a line and let us know.