When we started thinking of the project bitify, we knew how much the market is thriving for such services. Being a group of miners, traders and crypto supporters, we knew what the community needs and what would be a good service to support crypto coins in general and LTC particularly; but we were always scared how you, the community, will react and accept the site and the features. Well, we’re overwhelmed!

This is a great opportunity to thank every single one of you who have participated in our Beta1 release. Those of you who have registered, posted items, took a look around, sent us feedback or even just criticized us, without you and your support we wouldn’t anywhere close to where we are now.

To keep it short, the day of the release our SMTP host blocked our email service due to the huge number of emails which were sent out.. We received a notification that our services have been blocked due to “suspicion of malicious activity”. We don’t blame them as over 800 emails in less than 16 hours were sent out to confirm registrations, posted items and other services. In less than 24 ours we exceeded our weekly bandwidth allowance of 440Gbit and received an email asking us to update our servers plans. That’s why we’re overwhelmed, and that’s why you’re such an awesome community.

We’re in the middle of other big features development now and we’re in discussions to add more coins later this month. Here’s what your feedback and support have helped us accomplish:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue with payment page redirecting to a blank page for some user and paid for the items they bought from our own pocket as an apology.
  • Fixed an issue with items showing “Local Shipping only” when both local and international shipping were selected.
  • Fixed an issue with item posting page requesting to select of a shipping method when “no shipping required” was selected.
  • Fixed an issue with price field accepting characters other than numbers and “.” which was resulting in some items prices to show as “$0”.
  • Fixed and issue with reCaptcha not displaying on our contact us pages due to browsers security blocking insecure content from Google over HTTPS.
  • Fixed an issue with Facebook and Twitter auto posting where the same URL was sent to all posted items.
  • Fixed some CSS issue.
  • Other minor bug fixes.


  • Updated the look and feel of the menus, header and footer to increase response time and for better looks.


  • Added the total number of posted items under each category on the home page and in the “Show all Categories” page.
  • Added the total number of posted items under each country on the home page and in the “Show all Locations” page.

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Do you like the features we currently have in place? Do you have any suggestions or requests for features you’d like to see? Please let us know in the comment area below or send us an email through our “Contact Us” page.