Instant Delivery, Super Sellers, and New Fees

In an effort to save users time and money, Bitify is pleased to announce the roll out of two great new features and a new fee structure.

Instant Delivery! Deliver/Receive Gift Cards, Keys, and Accounts Instantly

Bitify is excited to introduce a feature many of our users have been eagerly waiting for… Instant Delivery! With Instant Delivery sellers are able to bulk upload gift card codes, accounts, product keys, etc when listing items, which are then delivered instantly to buyers by email when they purchase. This not only reduces the effort for sellers, but greatly reduces the delivery time for buyers too, adding a new level of convenience all round. Sellers are able to see which codes were delivered with each sale in “Sold Items”, as well view/edit the remaining stock. Buyers receive their codes instantly by email as soon as their funds are confirmed, and can also view them through their “Won Items”.
When sellers list an item they will have the option to select Instant Delivery. From their they can either upload a CSV file with the codes/pins or manually enter the codes/account/keys. When you enter the codes, you need to separate them with a comma. Sellers can upload as many codes as they wish, the buyer will receive the number of codes purchased from the seller. The sold codes will be depleted from the quantity remaining and will not be sent to another buyer again.
Examples: code1 / pin1, code2 / pin2, code3 / pin3 OR key1, key2, key 3 OR [email protected] / pass1, [email protected] / pass2, [email protected] / pass3,
The codes will then be sent to the buyer in a table…

code1 / pin1key1[email protected] / pass1
code2 / pin2key2[email protected] / pass2
code3 / pin3key3[email protected] / pass3

Look out for the new Instant Delivery icon next to the listing title…

Instant Delivery

Super Sellers! Yes, Quicker Escrow Release

Bitify appreciates the support our users have shown over the years and we are awarding sellers who have received over 100 positive feedback reviews* with a new account level, Super Seller! Super Sellers will enjoy automatic escrow releases in 10 days rather than the usual 30 days, will benefit from a reduced 2.5% fee on all sales, and have the ability to list buy-now items with “No End Date”. *Sellers must have made 100 sales in the past 12 months, have at least 100 feedback reviews, and have achieved at least 90% positive feedback. If you meet this criteria, your account will automatically be converted to Super Seller and you will receive an email from us notifying you of the change.

Super Sellers can be recognized by the new icon next to their username and on their listings…
Super Seller

New Fee System! Fairer & Better Value for Money

With the recent surge in Bitcoin price, we understand that it is no longer fare for us to expect our sellers and buyers to pay a 0.001 BTC minimum fee. From today we are completely removing the minimum seller fee on sold items, allowing you to sell low-value items without getting stung with high fees. To accommodate this, we are increasing the fee on sold items from 2.5% to 4.5%, with Super Sellers continuing to pay 2.5%. Overall this will result in savings in seller fees on all items below ~$70 (based on Bitcoin price of $1750).

Our escrow fees are also changing. From now on escrow fees will be a fixed at $0.50 on items under $10, $1 on items between $10-$20, and then calculated at 2.5% (min $1.50) on items over $20. Whilst overall our escrow fee % is increasing, these changes will actually represent a saving in fees on items below $35, with over 70% saved on $10 items (our most popular selling price).

Featured fees will follow the same price scale as escrow fees, fixed at $0.50 on items under $10, $1 on items between $10-$20, and then calculated at 2.5% (min $1.50) on items over $20. Again this will represent a saving on items below $70 compared with the current minimum fee.

Network fees are going to continue to be based on the average fee needed to have your transactions confirm within 5 blocks. This is charged to sellers receiving payouts from us and buyers receiving refunds. For the short-term this is an unavoidable charge, but Bitify is working to improve the situation. We are currently reviewing a number of solutions to reduce the network fees that you pay, such as letting you choose the urgency/fee for the transaction, grouping multiple payments to individual sellers, virtual wallets for buyers and sellers, and delayed/batched transactions. We will keep you posted on our progress!