New Categories Added!!

After a rather high demand from our users, we’re introducing our new categories to advertise even a wider range of products. We hope that the new categories will reduce confusion when posting/searching for products.

Our new categories are:

1- Advertising:

You can now auction your ad spots on our website and receive Bitcoin or Litecoin for your ad space. This will help you generate more revenue from your website and help put the crypto services out there for your visitors. We’ve given the option of few subcategories, but we’re all ears if you think more subs need to be added. Our advertising subcategories are:

  • Banner Ads
  • Ad Campaigns
  • Email Ads
  • Video Ads

2- Real Estate:

We never thought that we’d be adding this category at such an early stage, but we were quiet surprised that within two weeks of the site going live two real estate postings were listed! Thanks for your trust guys, this is rather overwhelming. Our real estate subs are:

  • Houses
  • Units and flats
  • Garages
  • Land
  • Parking
  • Studios
  • Villas and townhouses

3- Vouchers and Gift Cards

Just like we expected, vouchers and gift cards have been the highest selling items on bitify so far, which is why they deserve their own category. Multiple users have requested these to have their own category, and here it is as per your request

  • Coupons
  • Freebies
  • Invitations
  • Gift Cards
  • Vouchers

4- Wanted:

Our most exciting addition is the “Wanted” category. This is the most requested category as users will be able to list what they want/need and the price they’re willing to pay. You’d be surprised how much this would open other user’s eyes on what’s hidden in their garage or basement. Users will be able to grab a bargain at the price they are willing to pay for items they actually need, others will be able to make few coins on items collecting dust in a corner or a basement.

We’d like to thanks every one for their suggestions, please keep the feedback coming and we’re here to help. If you think more categories or sub categories are needed, drop us a line!