Happy New Updates 2014

It’s been an amazing year for every one in the crypto community. We’ve seen ups an downs, fails and wins, sites close and site open, but most amazingly, Bitcoin and crypto in general have been on a steady steep incline into the mainstream media and users. 2013 is over and long lived crypto.
bitify would like to wish every one a very happy 2014 and may it bring wealth, health and happiness on every one. To celebrate this year, we’re kicking off with our biggest redesign and set of updates yet. Whilst some were enjoying the holidays, we’ve been doing our best to get those updates pushed asap. We were aiming for January 1st, but we fell a bit behind with minor last minute issues arising.
Things we’ve managed to finish in this update (New Features):
  1.     Filter by items shipping to “x” country. Users are now be able to select and display items shipping to their country only. This will include items shipping locally, internationally to country “x” and the no shipping required items.
  2. Added an email/shipping address to the checkout page to improve user experience and forward buyer details across to the seller upon confirmation of the payment so we can reduce time spend by users trying to exchange the details.
  3. Added an option for sellers to be able to cancel a sale if the buyer hasn’t paid.
  4. New “Status” has be added to the won/sold auction details  (Paid, Paid and held in Escrow, Paid and Forwarded to Seller, awaiting payment).
  5. Added quantity of items purchased to both the confirmation email and next to the sold item details.
  6. Escrow is now mandatory, all seller MUST give the option to the buyers, and it’s up to the buyer’s discretion to decide to use escrow or not.
  7. New grid view design which is simpler, easier to navigate through and more modern.
  8. Integrated Zendesk support and help center to serve you better and more efficiently.
  9. Removed all advertising (apart from cross advertising with partner sites) and left 1 ad spot available for purchase on every page.
  10. Activated our fee system of 1.5% or transaction fee of 0.0001 BTC 0.005 LTC 0.01 XPM 0.1 FTC (whichever is higher) on sold items across the site.
  11. Added “Ending Soon” and “Hot Auctions” tabs on the home page.
  12. Added more specific shipping info on the profile info page.
  13. Added live prices (updated every minute) for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Feathercoin and Primecoin
We’ve also fixed few bugs:
  1. Email bugs have been fixed. No more multiple emails for sold/unsold items.
  2. Fixed a bug with deleting items resulting in all traces of sold items disappearing from the site.
  3. Minor CSS cross browser bugs
Features to look forward to in the next update:
  1. Add support for new posts to be posted using a fixed value in your choice of crypto currency instead of USD only.
  2. Add support for multiple fiat currencies to post items in and as a reference to the price only.
  3. Add support for sellers to be able to select which crypto currency they want to accept payments in for every posted item instead of relying on supplied addresses in the Personal Information page.
  4. Add custom shipping fields so sellers can add more shipping choices (within certain countries, continent, insurance, priority mail, etc…). And give the buyers the choice of shipping they prefer.
  5. A verification process will be put in place and sellers can select to be verified. This will give the seller a “Verified” badge on all their listings and on their profile page and increase trust in their sales.
  6. Better security and scam proof system has been put on paper and development of it will start soon. This system will make it harder for buyer to buy items and not pay and even harder for seller to sell items and not ship.
  7. 2FA (two factor authentication) will be added for a better security.
We’d like to take the opportunity to thanks every single person who’s been helping promote the site, those who have added us to their signature on forums and shared our social networking pages with their friends and family. We’d like to specially thank those keeping an eye open for any unwanted activities and reporting inappropriate auctions; without you we can do very little and we wouldn’t be where we are today. Thank you!
Please keep your feedback and suggestions coming. We know we did take a bit longer than usual with those updates, but we’re in continuous development to make bitify The crypto marketplace for all.