Firstly we would like to thank you for your participation in our Affiliate program. We have been overwhelmed by the response so far, and we have been inundated with applications!

Unfortunately, we have also experienced a large number of affiliates attempting to “game” the system and earn rewards by signing up with fake accounts. Despite our best efforts to prevent this from being possible, the use of VPN’s and “throwaway” email accounts makes this difficult to enforce.

This has led us to re-evaulate the referral reward system so that we only reward those making a genuine effort to attract real users to the site. As such, the following changes are being made:-
– Affiliates will no longer earn a signup reward when a referred user first registers and signs in to the site.
– Instead the Affiliate will earn a signup reward the first time the referred user completes* a purchase / sale on the site.
– To encourage genuine affiliates, we are increasing the reward for signups to 0.005 BTC – a FIVE TIMES increase!
– In addition to the above, the existing reward of 1% of all sales/purchases made by referred users within their first 90 days still applies.

As an aid to affiliates wanting to monitor the effectiveness of their referral campaign, we have added a “Statistics” section to the affiliate page in your account area. This area provides some basic, but useful, metrics:-
Referral Clicks – the number of people who have been directed to our site by clicking your referral URL
Number of Signups – the number of people who went on to register with an account with bitify (recorded at the time they first register)
Conversion Ratio – the ratio of signups to referral clicks
Top Referrer URL – the URL of the referring page (where the referral URL was actually clicked) that sent us the most traffic. This is useful if you are placing banners on different pages of your site or advertising your referral URL on different forums, enabling you to track which one is most effective.

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding these changes.
Happy Bitcoining!

Team bitify
*Completed sales are defined as those where the buyer (or a member of bitify support) has released money from escrow to the seller. Cancelled and refunded transactions will not be awarded.