cryptograffiti and raise 17.3 BTC $5,501 in Dorian Nakamoto Auction

When cryptograffiti contacted us about hosting his fund raising auction on bitify, we were excited and more than happy to be involved.  The auction ran for just over 20 days and drew considerable interest from the community from the moment it went live.  Social networks and news sites have been buzzing about the event for several weeks, although the bidding didn’t pick up until the final 3 days – the  last twelve hours saw bids rally from $2,555.55 to a massive $5,501 USD by the time it ended.

The auction drew bids from some big names in the crypto community, their identitiesbeing kept anonymous for privacy reasons of course, but they know who they are and we are extremely happy they joined the bidding war and tried our service.  While we would like to send a massive thank you and congratulations to the winner of the auction, we would also like to keep their identity anonymous and will leave it up to them and/or cryptograffiti to announce it.

The team at would like to thank everyone who took part and for making this more successful than we could have hoped.   We are very grateful to those who shared links to the auction, to the media sites that covered the story of cryptograffiti and Mr. Nakamoto, and of course to all the generous bidders.

Until next time, happy Bitcoining!


About the Auction:

This is a charity auction with 100% of the proceeds benefiting Dorian Nakamoto.
The work being auctioned is an original piece by artist cryptograffiti, an early bitcoin enthusiast and friend of Dorian Nakamoto. The work is signed by Mr. Nakamoto.
The artwork was featured in Bitcoin Magazine’s recent article on Dorian Nakamoto, viewable here:
Dorian recently gave an AMA on Reddit viewable here:

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Dorian Nakamoto Auction 1

Dorian Nakamoto Auction 3

Dorian Nakamoto Auction 2

About the Artwork:

Nakamoto, 2014
destroyed credit cards, adhesive on wood
38.6 cm × 31 cm (15.2 in × 12.2 in) including frame
Ended On: Thursday November 12, 2015 at 01:00 UTC

About the artist:

cryptograffiti’s work explores the benefits of cryptocurrencies vs. the status quo and the possibilities of blending the digital blockchain with physical art. Much like bitcoin itself, he is pseudonymous.

cryptograffiti is the first artist to utilize a public-facing bitcoin address to receive donations for street art. Upon discovering his work, passersby send bitcoin in support of his often controversial messages.

cryptograffiti’s fine art mediums are frequently comprised of tangible materials from industries being disrupted by cryptocurrencies. His work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Bitcoin Magazine, the Montreal Bitcoin Embassy and can be found in the collections of numerous prominent figures within the Bitcoin community.

cryptograffiti is excited at how bitcoin will transform the art world and to play a role in leading this new direction.