After over a month of bug reports, fixes and hard work, we finally managed to pull it together.. Our biggest update yet is now live!

We’ve done a lot of research and anonymously queried hundreds of people as of what coins they think have a big future. And after lengthy discussions, we’ve come to a decision.
We’ve added two new coins to the site, Primecoin XPM and Feathercoin FTC. Both for the market cap they have and the community support behind them.

We’ve also added new features:

  • Now sellers can see their balance details in their “My Account” area. Sellers will be able to see total sales, release amounts and held in escrow amount.
  • Added quantity of items sold to the email notification sent to the buyers and sellers
  • Added buyer’s address next to the sold items in the seller account
  • Added “No shipping required” below the item details for items which don’t require shipping

We’ve also fixed a lot of tiny and major bugs like:

  • Escrow failing to release when more than one of the same item are bought buy the same buyer
  • Escrow button only showing for the first sold item of the same listing, but not the others which resulted in buyers unable to release escrow
  • Fixed an issue for when more that one of the same item are bought by the same buyer only one item would show under the “Won Items” page.
  • Fixed an issue with BTC/LTC amount of sold items were showing the live value of BTC/USD and LTC/USD instead of the value of BTC and LTC at the closure of the listing
  • Fixed an issue with QR Code not displaying the correct amount which was resulting in an invalid QR

More minor bugs were fixed and features were added.

We’ve already started on our next lot of updates, so please, if you have anything on mind you’d like to see on bitify, leave us a comment below.