Over the past few weeks we have detected a sharp increase in the number of sales of gift cards through the site, some of which have led to claims from buyers that they have been purchased with stolen credit cards. We take these claims seriously and we have made every effort to moderate the site to remove suspicious listings and ban the users, but we have so far been unable to prevent them from creating new accounts with masked IP addresses. We realize that we have many genuine customers who use our site regularly to sell gift cards and PayPal, so it is with great reluctance that we have made the decision to temporarily ban the sales of all digital items.

All listings for digital gift cards and PayPal credit listings are currently being removed from the site, and for the time being at least, any users listing such items going forward will have their account suspended. Over the next few weeks we are planning to introduce a new verification system, where users wishing to sell digital items will be required to provide us with sufficient documentation in order to prove their identity to AML standards. Until this system is in place, we feel it is only right to suspend sales of all digital items, gift cards, and PayPal.

Effective immediately, if you are found to be buying or selling digital gift cards or PayPal credit on the site you will be suspended immediately without any notice.

Meanwhile, if you are ready to get verified manually, please contact us through our support portal and we can organize manual verification of the account.

Please accept our apologies for this decision and the inconvenience it will cause to our genuine users.

P.S: Only sellers will require verification. Items and transactions that took place prior to this change will be honored by the site and funds will be released/refunded accordingly.
Team bitify