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Script PTC / BUX ScriptBux V5 2017 by SmartyScripts

Site Features:
Standard theme with responsive design
Banner rotation 468x60 in the footer
Image Carousel on Home Page
User Registration with data validation
Unique User Name
Single Email
Field to insert user that indicated the site (referred to by)
Password recovery page
FAQ page
TOS (Terms of Service) Page
Contact Page
Advertise Page
List of all PTC Ad Packages
List of all PTV Ad Packages
List of all Banner Ad Packages
PTC Ads Page
Classified Ads by Category
Tells the time of ad preview
Link to view the ad
Featured Ads with Bold or Bump Ad (Color differentiated from regular ads)
Classified Ads by Category
Tells the time of ad preview
Link to view the ad
Featured Ads with Bold or Bump Ad (Color differentiated from regular ads)
PTSU Announcements Page
Informs the value that the user will receive by registering
Link to view the ad
Featured Ads with Bold or Bump Ad (Color differentiated from regular ads)
Link to inform the registration on the ad site
My Account Page
User Account Overview
My Referrals Page
Disclosure Banners and Indication Link Page
Personal Data and Payment Change Page
Referral system for referrals (Premium users only)
Request for Withdrawal Page
Verifies minimum value for withdrawal according to account type
Choice of Payment Method
Possibility to convert ad balance
Payment History page with date, value, method of payment and status (Payment, Denied, Pending)
Page Private Messages Received
Referral Purchase Page
Shows the amount of referrals available for purchase
Choice of Payment Method
Upgrade Purchase Page
Shows the packages available for purchase
Comparison table between Standard and Premium users, such as amounts received for clicks, minimum payments and other benefits
Choice of Payment Method
It does not allow the user to buy a new upgrade before the expiration of the current upgrade (if active)
Link to access Administration in the Top Menu if the user is of type Administrator

Administration Features
Home with important information blocks
Pending Transactions
Approve or Decline Payments
Transactions divided by type (PTC ad payments, PTV announcements, PTSU, Banner, sale of upgrades, sale of referrals and withdrawal requests)
PTC and PTV ads
Listing Listings
Edit / Update Advertisement
Delete Advertisement
Add new ad and associate to a specific user
Delete completed ads
PPC Offers
Listing Listings
Edit / Update Advertisement
Delete Advertisement
Pending Listing
Paid Registration List
List of Denials
Banner rotation
Listing Listings
Edit / Update Advertisement
Delete Advertisement
Add new ad and associate to a specific user
Contact (Messages received by Contact Form)
List, reply, remove
Mass emailing
Creation, editing and removal
Create packages
Edit and delete packages
Pending Requests
Manually refer to a user
List of All Users
List of All Premium Members
Listing All Administrators
Search by name, username and email
Editing and removing users
Option to Promote user to Administrator
Listing of all registered user emails
Site Settings
Site Name
Contact e-mail
Slogando site
Site URL
Forum URL
Activate / deactivate forum link
PTC and PTV Ad Timers
Payment Settings
Enable / disable payment methods
Click Settings
Set clicks and clicks for referrals
Upgrades Settings
Definition of names and prices of each upgrade
Definition of minimum value for withdrawal and payment term
Bots Detection
List banned IPs
Ban IP

Other Features
100% open source code
You do not have a license system, you can use as many sites as you want

Server Type: Linux
PHP version: 5.x
MySQL version: 5.7.14 or higher

About ScriptBux V5:
Script Name: ScriptBux V5
Script Version: V5.0
Creator: SmartyScripts
Developer: Rubens R.
Created: September / 2017
Released: September / 2017

File Contents:
ScriptBux V5 Script

User & Pass: Signup

Admin Demo:
User: admindemo | Pass: demopass

Available Plugins
Refbot: ($ 5) Rent of Bots for 30 days. Admin panel: Bots (approve / deny), Configure (Minimal clicks, maximum clicks, ad type to be clicked, rental price, maximum botched limit, bot odds percentage does not click on day). These settings are available for 2 types of bots, one for Standard users and one for Premium users.

Face or Crown: ($ 5) Game of the Face or Crown. Admin Panel: Statistics, Last 30 Plays, Set Up (Percent of Winning Profits, Displays / Hiding Statistics, Displays / Hides Last Winners, Number of Winners to be Listed, Percentage of User Chance to Win, 5 Configurable Bet Values)

Script in Portuguese, not available in English language versions, if you want to use English (or another language) you must translate the texts manually into each file because this script does not have a language system.

Support & Updates
ScriptBux V5 does not offer free technical support. This is necessary because the system is 100% open source and does not have any type of license system that could prevent users from using the system on multiple sites without additional cost or even reselling the system for others. Due to this feature, it is impracticable to keep any updates or free support to users.

Questions about installing or using system features have free support for customers who purchased the system directly from SmartyScripts. Some problems can be corrected at no cost, depending on the severity of the problem encountered, as long as it is informed to SmartyScripts so that I can check the problem and find a solution.

In case new updates are published, those who purchase ScriptBux V5 directly from SmartyScripts will have a discount they have bought directly from the developer and will not have to pay the full amount of the system, but must pay a specific amount for the upgrade as mentioned above.

Any questions or reports about problems in ScriptBux V5 should be informed through the official email of SmartyScripts. Remember to be specific and objective about your question or report on the problem found to facilitate your service.

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