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A new version of OkayCMS 3.4.1 has been released . Small improvements that add more flexibility when working with the system in the new version of OkayCMS 3.4.1

Demo: https://okay-cms.com/demo
- Made it possible to display text on the cart page, if create such a page in the appropriate section.
- Added a checkbox in the "CNC Settings" section that allows you to include a slash at the end of information pages, such as contacts, payment, etc.
- Fixed error handling when sending a request for a callback was unsuccessful
- Made in the settings of the New Mail module so that if you enter the value of the decimal fraction separated by commas, then after the update it will be displayed with a dot. We made it so that there were no questions about how exactly to enter.
- Added the "Number of goods in one data package" field to unloads so that you can adjust the number of goods if there is not enough memory. The fewer products, the more requests to the database, respectively, the formation of unloading will be slower, but on some hosting it is necessary.
- Added the ability to display banners only on product pages
- Corrected the link to the google map in order display.
- Fixed sending a letter to the client with a link to the site okay-cms.com if the letter is sent from the admin. panels
- Made the correct recalculation of prices from additional currencies on the product comparison page
- Fixed the work of the theme under the admin OkayCMS PRO v3.4.1

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