Design Systems with React & Storybook (Videos & Pdf)

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Design Systems with React & Storybook

Instructor : Emma Bostian
Release Date : 12 May 2020
Publisher : Frontend Masters
Language : English
Format : Mp4
Length : 3 hours, 31 minutes
Design Systems Formatted
Format : Pdf
Pages : 66

Design Systems increase the speed of development across teams, as well as make your applications look and feel consistent. In this course, you’ll create a design system from scratch and learn the foundational design concepts that go into one. You’ll design your components using Figma, then take those designs and turn them into coded components using React. Finally, you’ll animate those components, document them with Storybook, and deploy your Storybook application so you can share it with your team!
● By coding along with us in the Workshop, you’ll:
- Foundational knowledge of what a design system is, who’s building them, and the benefits and drawbacks
- Learn foundational design skills like color theory, typography, and spacing to build a design kit in Figma
- Build accessible, reusable components with React and styled components
- Add micro-interactions to our component with React Spring
- Document our component with Storybook
- Learn tools and resources for scaling your design system
● Workshop Details
Design systems are a hot topic in the world of development and all of the big companies are building one. But what is a design system and how do you build one? In this workshop we’ll dive into the foundational theory of design systems and build pieces of one from start to finish. We’ll build a design system by designing, developing, documenting, and deploying several components.
● Who this course is for?
Those with at least one year of experience with basic React and CSS will gain knowledge on the start to finish process of building a design system.

● Prerequisites
- React basics (i.e. Hooks)
- CSS basics

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