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Start your own reward site with our powerful script. Now you can script with the help of CPA lead you can start your own automated reward site. You get paid everytime someone completes a free survey.

CPA Lead is one of largest performance based affiliate companies. It makes visitors complete a survey in order to view the content on your website, or the webpage. It does this by displaying a nice looking JavaScript popup on your screen which informs the user that they must complete a survey to access the content. Its free and easy for the user.

The script intergrates CPA lead into the reward site. Everytime a member completes a survey they earn 5 points. Once they earn 200 points you send them a gift voucher. Rewards can be anything - amazon gift vouchers, itunes gift vouchers, xbox live vouchers ect. You earn between $1 - $5 per survey completed. So you will make lots of money before you send any rewards to members!

The brilliance of the reward sites is that typically 80% of members will never reach their minimum payout level (200 points) required for you to pay them, so you keep all the profits!


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